Just a quick check-in

Since I didn’t have a weigh-in today due to the Spring Break break, I figured I’d stay true to my weekly committment to check in here. I’ve been staying on track. I managed to have about 20 weekly points and 47 activity points left over for the week when I started new this morning. No expectation, […]

Short and sweet

The journey continues… When motivation wanes, then your determination must take the wheel. I guess I could say I’m still pretty determined. I have been tracking every bite that goes into my mouth, and staying well within my allotted points. I have been taking food pleasures and using most of my weekly points. I have […]

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Well, I survived my first Zumba class ever. It was actually kind of fun, now granted I am a sloppy mess when it comes to the steps, but I was moving and laughing. Having a good time while exercising can’t be all that bad. I walked a total of 4 hours this past week with […]

Leaps and bounds

After last week’s disappointment, I went into this week’s meeting without expectation because I knew it could be ugly. Our topic last week was to “move more,” and since I’ve already been moving I decided I would challenge myself to move each day, instead a few days a week, and to step it up. So […]

Simple pleasures!

I was on a pity train in the last post, so I decided that its best not only to post when I’m elated from weight loss, or pissed off at the scale, but at other highs and lows of my life. What I find interesting is I posted about my weight loss disappointments literally two years ago. […]