Ugh! Disappointed.

I know better than to have expectations on weigh in day. Yet, it never fails…no matter how hard I work on food intake and exercise, I still have an excitement leading up to my weigh in just to be left so disappointed by a God Damned number. I hate that I give it the power […]

Points Plus Galore!

I went for a long (170 mins) hike today, and earned myself 26 activity points. Now the benefit is I can have a glass of wine without regret, and I can store those earned points away and look forward to a few more ounces off at weigh in. Today’s Food Intake Morning: 2 cups of coffee […]

Down 2.6 lbs!

Yay! After another week of food intake discpline and easy to moderate exercise, I am down on the scale. Thank God, because I was just telling hubby last night that eating healthy means I feel hunger pangs at night. I tell myself that it means I’m finally not eating more than my body requires and it […]

Long time, no 3fatchicks…

Summing up almost two years’ worth of my life in my absence will be a challenge. So much has changed from the days when I was running half marathons and working for the bureaucracy. I am still actively battling the food addiction and working to manage my weight in a healthy way. Since my last […]