What works for me…

  “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” ~ Mike Murdock   This post is for my fans. I have been getting comments from fellow 3FC and coworkers about how inspirational my journey has been, so I thought I’d share “my tricks” and the things I do that make my efforts […]

I “Can Do 5k” anything

On the left, that’s me beaming just before the start of my first ever 5k run, the Can Do 5k. I have been training for this day for the last 3 months. I had to get up at 4am to get to Seattle, meet up with my friend Vicki, and prepare to blow this thing […]

They say “Patience is a virtue”

Patience is not only a virtue of mine, but it’s a crucial factor in my weight loss. I have come to learn that my body will give and take, and if I am patient and wait out the natural plateaus and fluctuation, it will result in a loss.   03/11/10 – .4 gain 03/17/10 – […]


Aint nothing better than a Friday 5 minutes before work is finished. I love Friday morning runs because not only do I reach my weekly goal, but I also have two rest days. Gained .4 at my weigh-in, which is hilarious considering how healthy I ate all week long and exercised my ass off. What […]

In session…

I struggle with three real issues. I struggle with a lot, but these three continue to surface and make me consider why I can’t concur them.  Those issues would be perfectionism, the inability to ask for help, and a negative body image. They are all very interrelated. They often overlap and can be hard to […]

Pounding pavement and pounding scales!

I have been pre-training for my half marathon for 9 weeks, and today I reached a major goal in the world of running.   You all know that I got a fancy schmancy treadmill for my birthday present, and I haven’t missed a chance to use it for my running goals. I have had a […]

Those Old Navy 22’s

Throughout my weight loss, I have been able to dig deeper into my closet to rediscover my old clothes as if they were brand new again. That’s been fun and made me feel like I was saving big. It’s come to the point in my closet where I have run out of smaller sizes to […]