Checking in…

After 13 months of following my WW plan, the daily stuff is very routine and easy to manage. I have made a lot of simple lifestyle changes and some not so simple, but in general, these are long-term and healthy choices that I can and do make.   In WW, they strongly recommend planning ahead […]

Happy Friday!

Nothing like getting back on a horse to keep you on track, and this is not to say that I actually fell off my horse, but I sure felt in the dumps after the weigh in disappointment yesterday.   Today is a new day, and it’s been a nice one.   –         slept in an […]

Dealing with disappointment…

Once again, when I have expectations, I can expect to be disappointed. Today was my weigh-in, and after the killer work-outs, smart food choices, resisting the damn Girl Scouts cookies, Valentine’s candy and Red Vines all over the office, I had great expectations.   After losing 90 lbs, and seeing my patterns develop, I thought […]

15 minutes baby!

About a month before my January birthday, I was asked what I wanted. Well, I wanted a chocolate diamond! But that was the romantic side of me, and of course, the practical side won this battle because I asked for a treadmill. Knowing that I was setting a running challenge, I decided that it was best […]

“Stand and applaud”

Thank you! My name is Dawna, and I am delighted to share in my growth. The day I decided to start losing weight, I never could have imagined that I would be telling the world I weighed in at 398 lbs. It’s been just over a year and I have lost 90 lbs, and I […]