Medifast Month 3 Wrap Up

This month started off a little rough.

Week 1- 1.1 lbs loss

week 2- 0.9 lb loss

The first two week I was not experiencing the normal amount of weight loss I has experienced in the two previous months so I got frustrated and concerned. I contacted my Medifast health coach and was told to cool it with the intense work outs. It seems very counter intuitive to me but she explained that the diet is so low cal and low carb that the body is always on the verge of basically starvation. If the work outs are too intense, the body will stop burning fat and instead try desperately to retain fat while it feels deprived. When I stoped the intense working out and instead took the dog for a walk 3 days a week and some light ab work my losses tripled!

week 3- 3.0 lbs loss

week 4- 2.6 lbs loss

So that was a lesson learned, I will definitely not over do it anymore.

Overall I have lost 32 lbs and 18 inches in the past three months and fit in size 7 jeans. I went shopping and the woman working there asked if I needed help finding a size small… this has NEVER happened in my life. And she was right, I fit in small shirts and dresses now. It is sooooo amazing to feel like a ‘small’ woman! I did reward myself with my first offical cheat. Now I know, I know it was not a great idea but honestly I felt like I deserved it and I was very good about it. I ate all of my regular meals and my entire lean and green… and then i went to the county fair. Thankfully I was pretty full and able to control myself. I shared sa small order of fresh potato chips with my husband, and we split a funnel cake. We also walked off 700 calories at the fair. Then I went home and drank as much water as I would get my hands on and went to sleep. The next day I jumped right back on the wagon. Back to medifast fully following the rules. So it really was just that one cheat night and now I feel great back to normal and no cravings. I purposely did this cheat on the begining of the week so my body would have a chance to get back into ketosis before my next weigh in on satureday. I know that this cheat can, and most likely will effect my weight loss for the week and I take responsibility for that. So we’ll see how bad it screws things up, hopefully there wont be too much guilt on saturday 🙂

My next planned cheat is the weekend of September 29th when I will be vacationing in Vegas. I do plan to bring my own food and try to make the best lean and green choices I can. But I am going to be drinking alcohol that weekend for the first time since I started this diet. So I’m looking foward to this. I also think, if things keep going well, I should be transitioning into the maintenance program by this time so the cheat wont be as severe.

So that’s it! Loving this program still and losing weight still. I’ll check in next month!

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  1. Hi . I am new and would like an accountability buddy. Someone to say I did it I ate healthy and worked out. I am doing a shake program and p90 x. Want to be buddies?

  2. Annmarie it is so great that you are taking control! Congrats! I would love to be your buddy! Email would work best for me since I usually only update here once a month. Good luck!!!

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