Medifast Week 7

I know it’s been a while since I updated but honestly there’s nothing too exciting about this diet except for the fact that it’s still working! I just finished my 6th week and the official weigh-in was 20.5 lbs. lost! I am so in love with this diet! I finally broke down and bought new jeans. Went from a size 13 to a 9!!!! Originally I thought I would only be on this diet for two months, and mostly that was because I was concerned it would be too hard but I’m really used to it now and I think I will stay on for another 20 lbs. Ideally I would love to lose a total of 60 but we’ll see how it goes. For now I’m totally happy with small victories and taking it one month at a time. I have also been keeping up with my working out. 6 days a week I do elliptical or walking and I’m feeling so great.

Went to a wedding yesterday and of course didn’t drink and was able to pass on bread and avoid the mashed potatoes on my plate. I must admit that I did have a Shirley Temple and two bites of cake but I think that’s pretty good. Since we were in the wedding party I was running around all day. We did a lot of walking and standing in high heels all night. My body is so sore today. Also our groups resident “skinny bitch” immediatly took note of my weight loss and I felt actually really good and sexy in my dress. It was the first time I met a lot of my husbands friends and it felt so nice to be confident and comfortable in my own skin.

On a side note my menstrual cycle has total rebooted itself and I have not had any problems for 2 weeks. Also my husband has officially gone off the full program and is now doing 3 medifast meals and two reasonably healthy meals a day.

Loving life and looking foward to the rest of this journey!

Sending love to all the ladies out there struggling and hoping you can find a program that is a good fit like I have!

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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you are doing amazingly :o)

  2. Thanks badfaith!

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