Month 2 Day 26

Ok ok ok I fell off the wagon this past week. My Birthday, combined with my little sisters 21st Birthday weekend in Vegas through me off. Still not feeling 100% today but tomorrow is back to dieting and working out!!!!

Month 2 Day 19

This weekend was a wash. I wasn’t awful but I didn’t really count. It’s my birthday today and this past weekend I had people take me out to celebrate saturday and sunday night. I decided not to punish myself for my bday.

Month 2 Day 16

Last night was good. I only ate 1150 calories and even managed to sneak in an easy elliptical workout. On the low setting at walking pace I did 250 calories and some arm weights. Tonight will probably be a no workout night because I am exhausted!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Month 2 Day 15

Last night I ate 1575 calories which is a little higher than I wanted. So I exercised my usual 250 calories and then did another 175 to make up for the extra calories. Feelin pretty good today. Tonight is a no work out night.

Month 2 Day 13

Yesterday was an unintentional no workout day and I kept my calories under 1400 so I’d consider that a success. Tonight I will climb on the elliptical for about a half an hour.

Month 2 Day 13

Last night was ok. I did eat 1600 calories which is a little high but I worked out on the elliptical for 25 min (250 calories) so I suppose that balances. Today will be a no work out day and I’ll watch my calories.

Weekly update

Ok so after my weeklong hiatus, I am finally feeling better. My sinuses are still a little clogged but I think I’m feeling good enough to start working out again. I will be doing a short elliptical workout tonight. Probably only 20 min because I’m trying to ease back in as to not relapse my […]

Weekend Update

I am sick. Will not be working out and have inadvertently not been eating much. I’ll be checking in once I beat this head cold.

Month 2

Yesterday there was no time for working out. We were out of the house from directly after work until 9:30. I wake up at 6 am every morning so obviously I went straight to bed. I did also eat 1750 calories. Kinda over did it a little but oh well. Hopefully today will be a […]

Month 2 Day 1

Ok last night wasn’t awful but also wasn’t great. I ate 1600 calories which is a little more than I usually do but still not too bad. Tonight we have a lot of plans so I’m hoping I can squeeze in a small workout but I’m not making any promises.