Day 10

Ah its finally Friday. What a crazy week!

Yesterday was very successful. I kept my calories at 1450. Though I admit that’s around what I have been eating, this includes dinner at my favorite Mexican food restaurant where I was able to order a grilled shrimp burrito and stop myself halfway through!

¬†Tonight is date night night which will be hard but I’m still gonna be reasonable and track my calories.¬†So far I haven’t really had a bad cheating day and I think I deserve a day with 2000 calories but I’m hoping to save that for Valentine’s day. So tonight is sushi which is totally do-able but after my husband wants to go to his favorite cupcake place. The good thing is they also serve mini cupcakes which are bite size so I’m going to try and get one of those instead.

As far as workouts go I will be doing the standard 30 min Zumba tonight and hopefully we’ll squeeze in an hour long class this weekend.

Wish me luck and I’ll check in Monday for the weekend update!

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