Cheat Update

In case anyone is curious I did weigh in the week of my cheat and the results weren’t that bad. I lost 0.6 lbs for the week. So happy it was still a lose but I was very very very well behaved after the cheat, no slip ups. So now I know how a cheat effects this diet and I don’t plan on doing it again till Vegas! That’s all. I’ll be checking in next month!

Medifast Month 3 Wrap Up

This month started off a little rough.

Week 1- 1.1 lbs loss

week 2- 0.9 lb loss

The first two week I was not experiencing the normal amount of weight loss I has experienced in the two previous months so I got frustrated and concerned. I contacted my Medifast health coach and was told to cool it with the intense work outs. It seems very counter intuitive to me but she explained that the diet is so low cal and low carb that the body is always on the verge of basically starvation. If the work outs are too intense, the body will stop burning fat and instead try desperately to retain fat while it feels deprived. When I stoped the intense working out and instead took the dog for a walk 3 days a week and some light ab work my losses tripled!

week 3- 3.0 lbs loss

week 4- 2.6 lbs loss

So that was a lesson learned, I will definitely not over do it anymore.

Overall I have lost 32 lbs and 18 inches in the past three months and fit in size 7 jeans. I went shopping and the woman working there asked if I needed help finding a size small… this has NEVER happened in my life. And she was right, I fit in small shirts and dresses now. It is sooooo amazing to feel like a ‘small’ woman! I did reward myself with my first offical cheat. Now I know, I know it was not a great idea but honestly I felt like I deserved it and I was very good about it. I ate all of my regular meals and my entire lean and green… and then i went to the county fair. Thankfully I was pretty full and able to control myself. I shared sa small order of fresh potato chips with my husband, and we split a funnel cake. We also walked off 700 calories at the fair. Then I went home and drank as much water as I would get my hands on and went to sleep. The next day I jumped right back on the wagon. Back to medifast fully following the rules. So it really was just that one cheat night and now I feel great back to normal and no cravings. I purposely did this cheat on the begining of the week so my body would have a chance to get back into ketosis before my next weigh in on satureday. I know that this cheat can, and most likely will effect my weight loss for the week and I take responsibility for that. So we’ll see how bad it screws things up, hopefully there wont be too much guilt on saturday 🙂

My next planned cheat is the weekend of September 29th when I will be vacationing in Vegas. I do plan to bring my own food and try to make the best lean and green choices I can. But I am going to be drinking alcohol that weekend for the first time since I started this diet. So I’m looking foward to this. I also think, if things keep going well, I should be transitioning into the maintenance program by this time so the cheat wont be as severe.

So that’s it! Loving this program still and losing weight still. I’ll check in next month!

Medifast Month 2 Wrap Up

Just wrapped up my 2nd month on the program! I can’t believe that I made it this far and I am still not giving up. This is by far the most successful diet I’ve ever tried. I measured myself, took pictures and weighed in to close out the month. My inches are finally starting to melt off! I haven’t calculated the total but it’s nice to see a 2-inch change in my waist this month. My total weight loss is 25 lbs in 2 months. The weight loss has been steady and encouraging. My next food order comes today and I am looking forward to losing more weight!!!!

I’ve also been very good about my workouts 5 days a week at least 300 calories and I’ve also started to incorporate some ab workouts.

Feeling so good lately and very much in control!

I Love Medifast!!!

Medifast Week 7

I know it’s been a while since I updated but honestly there’s nothing too exciting about this diet except for the fact that it’s still working! I just finished my 6th week and the official weigh-in was 20.5 lbs. lost! I am so in love with this diet! I finally broke down and bought new jeans. Went from a size 13 to a 9!!!! Originally I thought I would only be on this diet for two months, and mostly that was because I was concerned it would be too hard but I’m really used to it now and I think I will stay on for another 20 lbs. Ideally I would love to lose a total of 60 but we’ll see how it goes. For now I’m totally happy with small victories and taking it one month at a time. I have also been keeping up with my working out. 6 days a week I do elliptical or walking and I’m feeling so great.

Went to a wedding yesterday and of course didn’t drink and was able to pass on bread and avoid the mashed potatoes on my plate. I must admit that I did have a Shirley Temple and two bites of cake but I think that’s pretty good. Since we were in the wedding party I was running around all day. We did a lot of walking and standing in high heels all night. My body is so sore today. Also our groups resident “skinny bitch” immediatly took note of my weight loss and I felt actually really good and sexy in my dress. It was the first time I met a lot of my husbands friends and it felt so nice to be confident and comfortable in my own skin.

On a side note my menstrual cycle has total rebooted itself and I have not had any problems for 2 weeks. Also my husband has officially gone off the full program and is now doing 3 medifast meals and two reasonably healthy meals a day.

Loving life and looking foward to the rest of this journey!

Sending love to all the ladies out there struggling and hoping you can find a program that is a good fit like I have!

Medifast Month 1 Wrap Up

That’s right I made it through my first month!!! The total weight loss was 15 lbs for this month which I am very pleased with! And that does include one cheat. I have already ordered the next months food and it should be arriving today. I’m feeling good about this month. And while I admit that 15 lbs is great, I can’t wait till I hit the 20 mark!!!! My pants are falling off of me right now and I’m feeling so good. I think this month might actually be easier because I ordered all food that I like and I’ve seen such good results which is very motivating. Tonight I will do my measurements and photos. I’m really hoping that I can keep this up for two (or maybe three) more months, which should put me at my goal weight. My husband is slowly coming off of the strict diet and kinda making up his own rules but it’s ok because he really didn’t need to lose much weight. My menstrual cycle is still messed up but I’m hoping it will sort of reset by next week when my regular period is supposed to come.

My vacation was very successful. I didn’t really cheat but I did miss a bar two days and I did eat one sugar free diabetic caramel turtle which I think isn’t too bad because my body stayed in kitosis. I actually lost 2 lbs on vacation. We also managed to keep up with our exercising. We didn’t work out on the flying days but we did all the other days, which works out perfectly for our 5 days a week working out. I will admit that it made my family uncomfortable and while we did buy our own groceries and cook our own meal they still were very concerned about the diet. We did however manage to survive 2 buffets, a Mexican food restaurant and homemade apple pie so I think we did great. It was also helpful that this vacation was to visit the very obese side of the family, which really made it easier to not eat with them. It’s like a glimpse into a very scary possible future.

My husband said I looked skinny the other day, which was so sweet, but in my eyes I still have another 35 lbs till “skinny”. In about 10 more lbs I’ll be back down to the weight I was in college when he met me so that is a great feeling. So my recap is that I love Medifast and I am looking forward to the next few months of losing this weight!

Medifast Day 21

That’s right, I’ve now been on the Medifast system for 3 weeks. So far I’ve lost 12 lbs total which is great. My clothes are getting big on me and my chin is disappearing. I am hooked. I have not cheated since the hockey game and I feel great. My average dailey caloric intake is 800 and I have been working out at least 300 calories, 6 days a week on the elliptical. I’m so happy with the results and it seems to be getting easier for me. I do however think my will power is going to be put to the test because I am going on vacation next week. It’s a family trip with the Italians so it will be a lot of tempting food but my husband and I have every intention of keeping up this diet so I’ll let you know how that goes. I must admit that while I felt bad about that one time I cheated and it did throw off my weight loss but afterwards I realized it wasn’t worth it. I think it was a good thing because it’s actually given me more will power not to cheat.

Fair warning this next part is a side effect that I did want to warn you ladies about and there’s a fair chance this is an over-share so I apologize. My menstrual cycle has gone crazy! I am on oral birth control and have been for many many many years. My period used to be predictable almost down to the hour and would be light for no more than 5 days. Since I’ve been on this diet my period has been on and off for the past two weeks. It’s something that is extremely annoying but the period symptoms of weight retention, cramps and cravings are not present so it’s not too bad. I’m hoping it will level out by my next cycle but it’s something I wasn’t prepared for so I thought I’d share it with you.


Hope everyone else is having luck and for those of you who aren’t I really do recommend this program. I absolutely love it and I really feel like this will be a life changer for me.

Medifast Day 11

Ok ok ok I have good news and bad news. The good news is last week I lost 7 lbs!!!! I worked out 6 out of the 7 days and did not cheat at all! The bad news is I cheated last night. I ate chicken strips and fries… and beer. It my defense I was good the rest of the day so it really was just that one meal and we had suite tickets to see the Los Anegles Kings Playoff game!!! So anyway that has been my ONLY moment of weakness and I do feel guilty but I’m deifnitely back on the wagon and ready to kick this weeks butt!

Medifast Day 5

So this is my fifth day and I’m happy to report that I have not cheated! I’m feeling pretty good. It has been an adventure trying all the different foods and I think now that I know what I actually enjoy eating it’ll be smooth sailing. I did notice that this diet is significantly more difficult to keep up with on the weekend but we managed. Having my husband doing this with me has been so nice! I’ve also been doing the elliptical on low for 300 calories a day. The total calories I eat on average is about 850 a day so it is a very low calorie diet. The nice part is I’m not often hungry. I have found that the bars keep me the most full so I bring those to work with me. It’s all very easy and convenient and for those who can spend the money I would so far give it a thumbs up. My husband and I are thinking we’ll stay on the full program for about 2 months and then start to enter the maintenance phase. I think I’ll keep buying their products to eat at work though because I enjoy them and they’re healthy easy snacks to stash in my desk. My one-week weigh in is on Thursday. Every week I weigh in, take pictures and body measurements to keep myself motivated and track my progress.

Here’s my food run down for those who are curious about flavors

Shakes: All of them have a little bit of a grainy feel and an aftertaste but It’s not too bad and I drink 2 a day

·     Dutch Chocolate 55- My favorite shake- classic taste

·     French Vanilla 55-Great flavor

·     Orange Creme 55-very sweet and nice for midday but not breakfast

·     Strawberry Creme 55- Reminded me of Strawberry Nesquick

·     Swiss Mocha 55- my least favorite because it has a bad aftertaste

Bars: Very filling despite their small size. They’re easy to carry around and tasty.

·     Chocolate Mint Crunch-Love it!

·     Fruit and Nut Crunch- My Favorite! Tastes like a granola bar and satisfies my fruit urges

·     S’mores Crunch-Husband loves it, I don’t. I think its kinda tasteless and a tease

·     Cinnamon Bun Crunch-Love the icing on this one but does leave an aftertaste

·     Strawberry Crunch-Yummy and a staple for me

·     Lemon Meringue Crunch- Too lemony!

Oatmeal: By far the worst Medifast items. The consistency is that of a sponge- and a flavorless one at that. Will not order again!!!

Soups: Easy to make but must mix completely!!!!

·     Cream of Tomato Soup-Yuck! Plain and simple. Needs salsa to be edible. Won’t order again.

·     Cream of Broccoli-Better than tomato but still not great.

Brownies: I love them, I think the texture is great and while the flavor isn’t exact- its close enough.

Chocolate Chip Soft Bake: Yummy but I think there’s too much of an artificial sweetener taste to it. Not bad and totally edible though.

Mango Soft Serve: Great consistency- spot on. Flavor was ok but not too fruity. I am looking forward to trying the other flavors. Definitely helped my frozen yogurt urge.

Chocolate Pudding- I left mine in the refrigerator overnight and it was a nice texture. Flavor was ok nothing amazing but it’s a nice break from the bars and shakes.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes-The servings are way off- it says three pancakes per packet but it’s more like one. Flavor is ok, kinda bland so thank goodness for the chocolate chips. Not a bad treat once in a while but not good enough to eat everyday.

Thats pretty much the whole selection we ordered for the month. Next month we will probably have a few more flavors to report on and I’ll let ya know what’s good!

A jumpstart-Day 1 Medifast

Ok so I received all my food last night in the mail and I feel so ready to start that I didn’t wait till monday like originally planned. I must admit that last night I did enjoy my “last meal” which was a burger :-/ But now I feel ready and I’m actually really excited. My husband and I have only had our first shakes for the morning so unfortunitly that’s all I can report on. My huband is vegan which really limited his shake options. He can only drink the ready-to-drink premade shakes. He had a chocolate one for breakfast and described it as “yummy”. For those who are curious he is able to have any of the bar options also. He has his 4 other daily options in his lunch sack and I’ll report back on what he thought about them tomorrow. I made a Swiss Mocha Shake for breakfast and I will admit it was kinda chalky but totally drinkable. It has kept me fairly full. I eat my next meal in 45 min and I’m not hungry yet. I’ve created my tracking profile on their website (which is awesome!) and I am really jumping into this and commiting! I will be checking in tomorrow morning to report on the days events.


I have not given up! I went to my doctor and was disappointed to see that I had not lost any weight. I also hadn’t gained and this was after my weekend in Vegas so there’s a good chance I has some alcohol water weight but the fact is I was expecting more. So I spoke with my doctor and she suggested Medifast. One of my good friends recently did it and she loved it. So I’m on board! I will start this Monday. Also, bless his heart, my husband is doing the program with me. I’m thinking we’ll only do it for a few months, and pick up some good habits for a less strict diet but we’ll see. So I will start my check in’s and I’ll be doing weekly weigh in’s starting Monday. I’m not much of a fad diet kinda gal but I’m feeling confident since my doctor recommended this. Also I think it’ll be so much easier to do it with my hubby. So wish me luck!