So I considered just changing the dates on my posts to fake that I was beginning all of this now- not a year ago. The sad fact is that I wasn’t able to stay on track. I tried- generally a week or two before I failed again. I am disappointed, frustrated, and embarrassed. But really more than anything- I am feeling very determined to put the work into getting this weight off.

The reason I decided to not fake the dates- I am feeling very sure I am on the program now in a way I wished I had been last year and I want to show the messiness of my process.

Some things are better a year later. I am starting a bit lighter at 168. I have a good support system- my husband is now on the program with me. We have a trip planned to Puerto Rico- the land of bathing suits and shorts- that I will not want to be overweight for.

So this may look like Groundhog Day- but that movie finally did have a happy ending right?