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I am ON the wagon to weightlossville.  It surprises me that I have all kinds of incentives, but I still have a feeling of repression (mostly food repression) and I keep sabotaging myself.  Strange how the mind works.

I did not work out yesterday but I am good on exercise today.  I did my first Tae Bo class and it was great.  I like the boxing and the kicking and I can surely use the practice in the dancing.

I love the feeling during and after working out.  It should be bottled for inspiration.

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Still Running

I am a little of a month away from my Half Marathon.   Training is on track.  I should finish a little faster than last time but I will still have lots of time to improve on.

Weight loss was going well-ish.  I was nearly in one-underland and then I got side-tracked.   Some emotional days and then needing to bake for my daughter’s birthday (for home and school) and also for a school party and I went in the wrong direction but I am back and focused on eating well.

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Lost First 5%

I am making progress.  Never as quick as I want but I am always happy when it is going in the right direction.

My goal is to exercise everyday and preferably twice a day.  One cardio (running or swimming) and the other Power 90 workout.

For food I follow Eat To Live.  I mostly follow it but there are times that it makes me feel quite deprived.  I feel that I have ruined my families ability to enjoy food…. but at least we are healthier.

Next goal is another 5%.  203 lbs for January 11th 2012.

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