I have the distinct feeling….

Well, several distinct feelings actually.

The first is that I can’t move my left leg.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, I would hobble along until I got where I needed to be.  But it’s compounded by the second feeling known in the fitness world as “jelly arms”: the feeling that you’ve overworked your muscles and they feel like jelly.  Think Santa.  I looked like Quasimodo going to ring the bells of Notre Dame.

This is probably because of the third feeling.  I have officially been to the eighth circle of Hell: The 30 Day Shred Level 1, Day 1.

All I can say about this video is “what a workout”.  It’s divided into sets of 3: 3×3 minutes of strength training, 3×2 minutes of cardio, 3×1 minute of ab work.

Plus: Lots of plyometrics- jumps: jumping jacks, jump rope, butt kicks.  You didn’t do more than 20 reps per 30 seconds.  All exercises were slow and controlled- quality over quantity.  Good technique.

Negative: No sound.  This was my stereo’s fault more than hers.  Cooldown- I don’t think it targeted enough muscle groups and was static, but then again, I like a lot of flexibility.  The people who do her video probably aren’t looking for extreme flexibility.

Overall experience: 9/10 (.5 point for no sound, but the video does have sound; and .5 points for muscle pull– both are my own doing).  Definitely recommended for people who want fast, simple and effective workouts.

Vroom, cough, splutter, vroom.

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