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It’s been a hard day’s night…

One of the problems I found I had last night was a banged up hand (thanks to my training partner P and his kote gaeshi- it’s an aikido thing- which burst the vein in my hand.  See for a demonstration).  My hand now has a large bruised lump.  Last night, I ended up sparring with, of course, my bung hand.  A wounded bear is a dangerous bear.  I was told to cut out the aggression towards K, the poor unfortunate that was my sparring partner.  But with only 3 appendages to fight with instead of 4 (2 legs, 2 arms), what was I going to do?  There’s never any hard feelings between K and I.  I like K… nice person.  Just don’t make me use my wounded hand to fight with.  One of my other training partners, R, is back at the end of the month after a year’s absence.

Level 1, Day 6 of the 30 Day Shred: Endurance has picked up.  Still have problems with the push ups- I hate pushups- and the anterior raises, but I can feel my legs and arms getting stronger.  Might have to move up in the weights from a 1/2 kg to 1kg.  Looking forward to Level 2.  I’ll give it a watch after finish walking the dog this arvo.

I went to be early last night: It had more to do with my having done karate and kendo for 3 hours, rather than the opportunistic redundancy that I got from my job.  I haven’t gotten my first day’s pay yet from the MoE, but I hear the pay is really good.  I figure I need 2 days a week to make more than I did in 2 weeks at work.  Doesn’t take much: a retail clerk is paid rather poorly (though I was grateful to have a job at all, and for a small business, I wasn’t expecting oodles of money- it was a part-time job).

Anyway, off to take a shower and get to work.

Vroom vroom VROOM!

Good… bad…

When one door closes, another always opens.  There is my philosophy for the day.  I got made redundant from my job today- I’m just a sales girl- but the best thing came out of it.  When my boss said that she couldn’t afford to keep me on, my stomach didn’t drop, the adrenaline didn’t kick in, and I wasn’t really that upset.  I shrugged my shoulders, asked her why she hadn’t made me redundant before now (because business is DEAD).  I told DH back in March sometime that I should have a job until around the end of June (after the boss got back from her holiday at the end of May).  But I couldn’t find it in my heart to be disappointed or upset that I was leaving.  There was no room for upward mobility in this job.  None.  So, if you’re still reading down to here, don’t be upset for me.  Don’t write in the comments about how much my boss sucks.  She doesn’t.  She’s the best one I’ve ever worked for- the most generous woman I’ve ever met.

Getting back on track: well, I’ve gotten over that plateau (thanks to Laurie2275, who suggested; it’s forcing me to read the food labels and measure out my food since they don’t have a lot of NZ food in their system).  I’ve now lost about 1/2 pound in 3 days.  For the last 6 weeks it seems I’ve been at the same weight.  I’ve played around with the amount of calories I eat and how much I work out- and been staying the same. works out the calories you need to lose 1 or 1.5 or 2 pounds a week.  I’ve been going at 1600, but I needed 1400.   Should be down 1.5 or 700gm at the end of the week.

Level 1, Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred: I couldn’t do a workout on Tuesday- I did my first day of relief teaching, so had to be out the door at 7:20 to be there for 8am (woke up at 6:15), but I got right back into it today.  I’m noticing a HUGE endurance level change.  Although the weights really get me on the anterior raises with side lunge, the rest of the cardio is going really well.  I even made it through the whole last ab workout (bicycle crunches) without stopping.  :o)  So, yes, definitely a big improvement.  I think tomorrow I’ll take the dog for a walk when I get home from work (yes, I’m still working until the beginning of July).  I’m even using some of the workout when I warm up my karate class.  I don’t think they like the cardio part (jumping jacks, butt kicks and jump rope).  I plan on using more of the strength side soon.  Buwahaha.

It’s getting cold: the temperature outside is around 1C already (that’s about 33F)- so we’re in for a very cold night.  Good time for snuggling under the covers.

Vroom vroom VROOM!!!

Thank goodness….

Exams are over for the semester.  I have four next semester, which will prove to be a bit of a challenge, but I’m up for it!  :o)

The Mongolian BBQ: was better than I thought it was going to be, although I didn’t see any kind of nutrition information anywhere.  However, I think I did very well: hot chicken (raw with marinade), and shrimp with heaps of veggies, a small amount of garlic oil and 2 small ladels of hot chilli sauces.  Best thing about Mongolian BBQ is that you add your own oil, sauces, spices, etc. and they cook while you watch, so you know what’s going in it.

Dessert was a pancake drizzled with maple syrup and 2 small scoops of chocolate ice cream with lots of caramel (I love caramel).

And it’s buffet, so go up as many times as you want.  I went up 3 times: once for a salad, once for dinner and once (yikes!) for dessert.  I felt overall that if I had not eaten the noodles with my main, then I would have been much better off, but as it was, I think I did really well.  It’s SO hard not to overeat at buffets.  While they did have chips, I wasn’t going to eat no stinkin’ chips.  Like I said in my last post, I’m sick of eating chips.  I had a small one of DH’s and it was super salty, so no way that I wanted to eat it.

My best mate left the rest of her lollies in my car: an unopened bag of party mix and some Malteasers (Whoppers to those of you in the States).  They’re going to DH’s office on Monday, along with the unopened bag of sour worms I craved yesterday but didn’t end up eating.  I just don’t want them in my house.  Someone else can get fat eating them, but not me.

I didn’t go to class this morning: I just didn’t feel like getting up and doing much of anything except lounging, finishing the Twilight movie I started last night, and thanking whatever God decided that 12 June was the last day for exams for the semester. But while I was watching Twilight, I noticed something really kind of awkward: does nearly every girl in the movie look anorexic or is it just me? On the one hand it’s anorexia, on the other, binging.  Where do we find the middle ground in a world of eating disorders?

Day 3, Level 1 30-Day Shred: Making progress.  Only times I ever stopped for a quick 2 or 3 second rest was the jump rope in the cardio and the bicycle crunches which are super slow.  My endurance is returning.  Very happy.  Switched out the weights with the 2 tinned peaches for my shoulders and the 3kg weights for biceps and back.  I like that arrangement much better.  :o)

Vroom Vroom!

Nervous as a…

… long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I’ve got my last exam in about 4 hours: Early Medieval England.  As most university students will tell you, they’re never prepared and always fail.  Well, I am nervous, not worried, but nervous.  Big difference.  I get the same feeling when I’m about to meet my mother at the airport after not seeing her for 4 years or more.  I went over the Viking raids last night (wow– lots of interesting linguistic changes in England after the Scandanavians took control of everything north of the Danelaw!) and I’m about to, after my shower, look over the Norman Conquest, burhs and castles, and the dreaded women’s status (dum dum dummmmmmmmm).  I also learned a rather “interesting” fact about Vikings: apparently, garlic keeps them away.  Short version:

Best mate: You guys know that since I don’t like the sun-dried tomato butter, can I have extra garlic butter.  Lots of extra garlic keeps Vikings away.

Me (and the wait staff): …

Beat Mate: I mean, vampires.  Oh hell, they both start with V!  I’ve got Vikings on the brain.

Me (thinking): That’s not all you’ve got on your brain.  You, Evil One, are keeping me from my STUDYING by bringing me out to DINNER!

This establishment has what they call a “garlic cob”, where the bread is garlic-flavoured, but there’s no butter; it’s a spread your own butter kind of place.  It’s a really popular and very nice place, but everything is either deep fried or covered in gravy/sauces.  My own problem is finding food that I can eat without feeling like I just ate a block of lard.  The only thing I can eat now is the cajun chicken burger (huge breast fillet though) with more cheese than a wine festival, mayo, tomato sauce, beetroot (it’s a kiwi thing), bacon and lettuce/tomato.  For me: no tomato, no sauce (I splurged on the cheese and bacon last night) with chips.

Now, I like chips.  Don’t get me wrong, but damn, I get sick of eating them with every meal I get when I go out now.  Restaurants today just don’t get the idea of “interesting” side dishes like steamed vegetables with slices of lemon, or mashed potato with gravy.  No, they serve effin’ CHIPS!  I’m sick to bloody pieces of chips and vegetables that are squelching and swimming in garlic butter.  Ask for steamed veggies and they give you weird looks, like the words “steamed” and “vegetables” shouldn’t be in the same sentence like “ugly” and “Rob Pattinson” shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

The upside: they’ve downsized their portions, which I think is fan-freaking-tastic!  I wish every restaurant did that.  It was a manageable meal.  The downside is that the price is still the same.  Next time, it’ll be “just chicken and lettuce please, hold the BLT, the sauces and the cheese; no chips”.  They’re used to my really weird requests there.  If I splurge on dessert, it’s “apple pie, smallest slice possible, no cream” or if I’m really feeling the need for dessert “boysenberry cheesecake” and let the girl pick the slice.  The caesar salads I got were “hold the dressing, no tomatoes, onions, cucumbers or peppers, and no egg”.  Like I said, weird.

Day 2, Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred: much easier today since I used weights that I could lift.  3kg weights (that’s 6.6 pounds) is really heavy.  Made it pretty much through the whole thing except a few rest stops: I hate pushups and have a rotor cuff problem (it just won’t hold much weight), so I do the girlie pushups.  With my bung leg, I do small side lunges, but advanced everything else.

This morning, the computer in the lounge that’s hooked to the telly died, so good thing I only copied Jillian to the computer instead of moving her.  I did my workout in the computer room.  It’s very small in there.  I catty-cornered myself, turned sideways, backways, and every-which-ways to fit my workout in.  Excellent day.  I probably should be doing it twice a day with different sets of weights.  Two peach tins that are a pound each are really light for bicep curls and backward rows, but perfect for shoulder presses (thanks Rotor Cuff!).

I received two bits of inspiration today, one from Wickky on 3FC- what a courageous woman.  She brought a tear to my eye with her positive attitude.  The other is Diet Buddy Daily, who has written this:

  • I weighed myself
  • I read my reasons to lose weight
  • I scheduled my diet and exercise activities
  • I measured all my food
  • I ate everything slowly and mindfully while sitting down
  • I filled in my food plan immediately after eating
  • I said NO CHOICE to food that I wasn’t supposed to eat
  • I stayed within my allotted calories
  • I exercised at least 5 to 30 minutes
  • I used distration techniques when I was hungry or having a craving
  • I contacted my diet coach if I needed help (that’s a blog entry)
  • I refrained from overeating
  • I practiced throwing away food
  • I filled in my daily food plan for tomorrow’s meals
  • I gave myself credit for these things and for:

I plan on adopting these things to inspire and motivate myself to do better.  I already feel better for doing it.

Now the hard part: I’m going out for lunch AND dinner tonight.  Exam is a 2:15 and it takes a little while to get to the exam venue, so my mate and I are grabbing lunch along the way (probably at Subway, at least I can count calories there), and Mongolian BBQ for dinner.  That’s going to be a new experience.  I’ve never had it.  Hope I can find the nutritional information somewhere.  And hold the chips.

Vroom VROOM!!!!!!

I have the distinct feeling….

Well, several distinct feelings actually.

The first is that I can’t move my left leg.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, I would hobble along until I got where I needed to be.  But it’s compounded by the second feeling known in the fitness world as “jelly arms”: the feeling that you’ve overworked your muscles and they feel like jelly.  Think Santa.  I looked like Quasimodo going to ring the bells of Notre Dame.

This is probably because of the third feeling.  I have officially been to the eighth circle of Hell: The 30 Day Shred Level 1, Day 1.

All I can say about this video is “what a workout”.  It’s divided into sets of 3: 3×3 minutes of strength training, 3×2 minutes of cardio, 3×1 minute of ab work.

Plus: Lots of plyometrics- jumps: jumping jacks, jump rope, butt kicks.  You didn’t do more than 20 reps per 30 seconds.  All exercises were slow and controlled- quality over quantity.  Good technique.

Negative: No sound.  This was my stereo’s fault more than hers.  Cooldown- I don’t think it targeted enough muscle groups and was static, but then again, I like a lot of flexibility.  The people who do her video probably aren’t looking for extreme flexibility.

Overall experience: 9/10 (.5 point for no sound, but the video does have sound; and .5 points for muscle pull– both are my own doing).  Definitely recommended for people who want fast, simple and effective workouts.

Vroom, cough, splutter, vroom.

Introduction and an explanation

Hi there.  Welcome to my world.  You might find it disturbing, insightful or just plain weird.  Whatever you find it to be, at least try to keep an open mind.  There is a shortage of open-minded people in this world.

Firstly, an explanation of the blog title.  This is the best metaphor I can use to describe what I’m about to do.  I’m going from a size 16 to an 8.  In my view, that’s going from a school bus (think of the big yellow cheese wagons that you rode to school in): big, not very efficient, slow and always having to stop for various reasons.  That’s me right now.  I’d like to think of myself as a red Ferrari when I get to an 8: sleek, sexy, and something that everyone dreams of having (and only one lucky man gets!).

On the road to my goal self, I’ll be changing shape.  From a school bus (size 16), to a Chevy Suburban (size 14), Nissan Terrano (size 12), Toyota Camry (size 10) and Ferrari (size 8).  A girl’s gotta have goals.  I like cars.  Don’t know a lot about them, but I like them.  And I like the idea of being, in my mind at least, a red-hot Ferrari.  I mean, didn’t you want one when you were a kid??  What about now?  Be nice, wouldn’t it?

So, that’s just an explanation of what the blog is about.  Not really an introduction per se.  As intros go, my age will change later this year, so no point in letting you know what it is (besides, a lady doesn’t tell her secrets or her age), what I do or who I’m doing it with.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I start the 30 Day Shred.  Apparently, this is a 20 minute hard-core workout from The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Micheals.  I previewed it, thinking it would be easy.  I’ll let you know.

Vroom vroom.