sugar blues

Been off sugar a week now and was hit so hard with something like the flu that I can’t say it was hard not eating sugar. I’m still sick and wondering if it isn’t sugar withdrawal symptoms. 

I am better though and now that I feel better, the first thing I do is start looking for sugar. God, what an addict I am. And, what’s worse, is that this time I’m actually looking at labels and everything has sugar in it. I can see that the only way I’ll be able to be truly free of the crap is if I do all my cooking by myself from scratch. Damn. What a bummer.

On the other hand, seeing this just makes it all the more obvious I have to get off the stuff. It can’t be doing me any good. I feel awful, constant headache, stuffy nose, disorientation and general feeling of weakness and slow response and this is now, when I feel MUCH better. This is the first time I have had such a reaction after stopping sugar. Don’t know if that means anything or if it’s all just a coincidence. I also stopped alcohol and cigarettes at the same time. 

Let’s hope things get better.


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