Well, it’s June 2010 and I am only writing in here for the first time in over a year.

Am going to try to take off 10 kg in 20 weeks. I am now at 70 kg even.

Gotta figure a plan. That’s the hard part. But I guess I should just stick to something until I get results and then try not to rebound.

The title refers to how long I figure it will take to lose 10 kg at a pace of about 500 grams a week. I figure it’s better to look at what I do EVERY day instead of just looking at my weight.

Everything sucks and yet doesn’t. Again, I can control this. I can do this. And the, if and when I do this, maybe other things will appear that I want to do. Right now, I have no idea what I want, what I want to do and that is depressing me considerably.

I used to just want to ride my horse or go get drunk but those things are changing and I want to change the drinking. So, what are my alternatives to going out and getting drunk? With no money, I can’t be eating dinners all the time. We’ll see. Just 20 weeks….just 20 weeks….just 20 weeks…


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