all about me….

I got a hold of myself over the weekend, thanks largely to being away from the office. I had gotten Dr. Phil’s book on weight loss and though I have NEVER been a fan of his, this book is speaking to me. I’m not far along but I think I already heard something that is hitting home. It’s not the first time I’ve heard it, but like with so much, you can’t really hear it till you’re ready. It was about taking the whole weight loss journey and focusing on what feels good. I know it’s not sweets and junk food, though I can and do pretend they taste scrumptious. I know that what really feels good is eating like a lean person, well, not just any lean person, but the lean me, putting all those things I say I adore about me and actually walking the talk, MY talk. And that’s what makes it different, that it’s about ME.

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