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All I did was ask a questions about fast food withdrawal in a forum and now I have some jerk lecturing me about how that is probably not what it is.  I conceded that it may be have been many other things that made me feel sick this morning.  But i honestly never thought that a forum called “weight loss support” would have a guy saying things like :

So if you want help – I’ll ask again.  What were you eating before you started “dieting” and what were you eating during the last three days”

Really dude!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I didn’t answer your questions the first time because you put down my idea as being so totally wrong and started lecturing me from the very beginning.  As for this most recent comment…..thanks for bringing back the wonderful memories of my dad backing me against a wall before  saying “I’ll ask again…do you want me to wire your jaw shut?”

And as far as my “dieting” …. I will save that info for people who want to help/support me without being condescending.  You know…not all girls like being talked to like they are stupid little brainless fools…

I get that this is probably not “fast food withdrawal”, but why did you feel it neccesary to keep trying to prove me wrong…OMG I JUST WANTED TO SEE IF ANYONE ELSE HAD THESE SYMPTOMS AND WHAT THEY DID TO STOP THEM…ARGGGHHHHHHHHH” 

Dammit I need a drink!!!   Thanks alot

As for everyone else who offered up help and support you are much appreciated.  Why can’t I find a forum of all women where some stupid man won’t hurt my feelings ( which I know i wear on my shoulder, but they are mine and I can wear them where I want)!!