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7/5/2012……Weigh in Tomorrow!! July 5, 2012

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Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I am extremely nervous.  I know I did far better this week than I have any other week in my life.  I ate healthy.  No fried foods.  I watch my carb intake with only good non-refined carbs going in.  But I am still very nervous.  I haven’t been getting my water in as well as I should have the past few days, but I am still drinking for more than I used to & definately have cut my soda intake by 75%…..


Once again the air is out at work it is now 89 and counting.  These are sweat shop conditions that completely throw me off.  My water has picked up today but of course I am now off my food again.  How hard is it to get a air conditioner that works properly?!?!?!?!  All the sweating is making the skin under my boobs raw.  I use all kinds of powder, baby rash ointment, xinc-oxide…..but there seems to be no cure when you have to sit in your own sweat with a bra rubbing you raw day after day…..MEN SUCK!!!  Yes…I said it.  But they do.  They don’t have to deal with this sh*t.  And they really don’t care that we do…..the boss believes that we should just work through it…..okay….”TELL THAT TO MY GIRLS!!!!”   Arghhhhhh….


I am so pissy and aggrevated today….I can definately tell that my body is changing…..what i wouldn’t give for a swirl ice cream waffle cone from Checkers…  ;'(




Sweating my life away….heat exhaustion setting in!!! June 29, 2012

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Today was supposed to be hot….105 degrees in Memphis…..I get that.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the air conditioning being out at my office.  So here I am sitting in a 92 degree office, sweating like a marathon runner, and wishing I were anywhere but here.   I enjoyed my salad last night, but have just not wanted to eat today with this heat.  I am drinking a ton of water which is awesome, but it is leaving my body as soon as it goes in.  I think my calories from breakfast are going to have to tide me over till dinner and I will make something light like a turkey sandwich with mustard & a little avacado(whole wheat 17 grain bread of course).  I am also going to take the lap top with me tonight so that I can keep my blog updated.  Yes I have a computer at home, but it doesn’t move fast enough for me  :o)

oopppsss…..client coming in.  BBL!