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7/12 & 7/13…..This is going to take two posts to get through!! July 14, 2012

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thursday….sh*t hit the fan


friday…..couldn’t get through the sh*t from thursday


I will talk about my drama in another post, but as for the rest of it.  Thursday I had another day in class with lunch being served in the class.  I ended up having a salad, green beens, corn, and a very small meice of strawberry shortcake.  It wasn’t that bad, but then again I have no idea what it was cooked with.  Being off my diet obviously showed on the scale this morning as my weight loss was only 3 lbs.  Now I know some of you are screaming at me right now for dissing 3 lbs, but you have to remember that I lost basically 11 lbs last week and when you weigh as much as I do 6 lbs(which was my goal) should be a cinch.  It Wasn’t!!!!


Friday I tried to get back onto my diet and had a great salad for lunch from the Holiday Ham.  Dinner I had turkey hotdogs….tasted kinda bland, but served the purpose of my craving.  Still have not has fast food in two weeks and am very excited about that.  Have only gone to Starbucks once and didn’t add any sugar at all to my tea.  I just have to keep going!!!



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