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Saturday Morning Weigh-In….and Sabotage! June 30, 2012

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The scale was kind this morning…..335.  4lbs down, but I guarantee that there is a lot of period weight involved with that.  After 6:30am weigh-in I took Sava & Parker to the new dog park in Overton Park.  If anyone who reads this has a dog and lives in Memphis…..GO!! It is amazing, lots of shade, plenty of water fountains and lots of puppies for them to socialize with.  And lots of people for me to try and make friends with.  Of course I tend to be overly chatty when I am in a new situation and nervous, so I must have had diarrhea of the mouth this morning because I just couldn’t seem to shut up.  I will be better next time though. 

I took my water bottle with me and was able to get lots of fluids in.  As a matter of fact I took my water bottle with me every where I went today and made sure that I was constantly staying hydrated.  But then at about 9:45am I started to get sick.  Headache, dizzy, upset stomach, and a severe craving.  OH SHIT!!!   FAST FOOD WITHDRAWAL!!!  I literally felt like I was going to die.  So, what did I do you ask??  Well, instead of sucking it up and doing the right thing I caved and ran straight out and got a sausage biscuit & a Diet DP.  Headache gone but I feel like a heroine addict.  Completely pissed at myself.  I feel bloated and tired and ready to stay on the couch for the rest of the morning. BUT!!!  I CAN’T!!!  I am going to put in a CD(since my ipod has gone missing) and walk half a mile on the tready!!  I CAN DO THIS!!!  I AM STRONGER THAN THE CRAVINGS!!! 


3 Responses to “Saturday Morning Weigh-In….and Sabotage!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    You are stronger than they are! I PROMISE!

  2. 2fatchicksonadiet Says:

    Ahhh Fast food is my enemy! I would go out with friends at least 3 times a week and get a mcflurry and a large fry and just hang out in the parking lot. Then I moved to a town where there was no fast food and the closest one was an hour and a half away. So I never had it basically. I moved now and I keep having to tell myself that its not worth it. The first time tho I was sick alll day after having it. It does get easier to say no the longer you go! Good luck!

  3. Davikatl16 Says:

    Fast food is really gross and terrible for you. The chemicals in it (from a few documentaries they made us watch in middle school/ high school) actually make your body have the cravings. It’s how the companies make their otherwise disgusting (albeit convenient) food profitable. It will take a while, but you will feel better after doing away with it. May I suggest you look into the detox that the guy who did the movie Supersize Me did? I mean it was extreme, but it helped him feel better. Good luck with everything, I know you can do it! 🙂

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