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Sweating my life away….heat exhaustion setting in!!! June 29, 2012

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Today was supposed to be hot….105 degrees in Memphis…..I get that.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the air conditioning being out at my office.  So here I am sitting in a 92 degree office, sweating like a marathon runner, and wishing I were anywhere but here.   I enjoyed my salad last night, but have just not wanted to eat today with this heat.  I am drinking a ton of water which is awesome, but it is leaving my body as soon as it goes in.  I think my calories from breakfast are going to have to tide me over till dinner and I will make something light like a turkey sandwich with mustard & a little avacado(whole wheat 17 grain bread of course).  I am also going to take the lap top with me tonight so that I can keep my blog updated.  Yes I have a computer at home, but it doesn’t move fast enough for me  :o)

oopppsss…..client coming in.  BBL!


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  1. elaina Says:

    Yuck, I hate doing ANYTHING, but swimming, in the heat as well! It sucks….definitely is an appetite killer!

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