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Update for a Hiatus

Well, I saw 150.0 on the scale Sunday morning which is AMAZING. That means 50 pounds down and actually maintaining for some time. Huzzah!!! But I will be taking a break as I am pregnant! 12 weeks along officially. I wasn’t trying to drop any more weight once I found out 2 months ago, but food aversion and apparently just being pregnant has done that. Although I have still been tracking my foods and eating as healthy as I can I just have been a bit more lax with the calorie restrictions. I believe I am eating between 1700 and 1900 calories a day and somehow was still losing! Although I seem to maintain now around 151 – it was just nice to see the scale read 150.2 on Saturday and 150.0 on Sunday. 🙂

So I may still update with now my weight GAIN over the next few months in the hope to have a healthy gain of 25-30 pounds. We shall see, but hoping to cap at 180 is still pretty nice. Weird to think even at the end of pregnancy my goal is still to be 20 pounds less than my highest!

Right now I’m happy that my weight has maintained as I am in my sister’s wedding in a week and a half and I really wanted the dress to still fit and look good! I am still not really showing which will help for that dress, after that I am less concerned. Although I still plan to be in my friend’s wedding September 23rd where I’ll be 35 weeks. Yikes! The dress was already ordered, just 2 sizes up so fingers crossed I can make that work and as I hope my weight gain will be in a healthy normal range.

Well until next time!

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