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Back to the Grind

Alright, been a while, but it has been a busy few weeks! I did see the scale dip down to 155 and was quite happy to officially see 45 pounds gone! But then life happened a bit and I enjoyed myself enough that weight loss wasn’t the focus, but maintenance was. I had a friend’s birthday beer party at Revolution on the 4th which I drank a fair amount of beer, but didn’t snack or anything. Then Sunday was the Superbowl where I snacked some, but didn’t really drink since we went at it pretty hard on beer the night before and my body was none too happy about that.

Then last Tuesday was Vegas! My friend and I had a blast, and I had hoped it was water weight that pushed the scale up for me from the weekend going into the trip. We did a LOT of walking out there, not a ton of eating and a LOT of drinking. But the drinks were all vodka soda, so any bit helps! I came home, saw 158.6 on the scale on Friday and was a bit worried, but knew it had been a crazy week so I would let it slide and focus on the stuff I wanted to focus on. Last Saturday was my husband’s cousin’s wedding at the Revolution brewpub and it was a blast. Another night of more beer and not a ton of food, but I went into the night prepped with plenty of carbs and calories left. Otherwise I have been pretty good about having lower days when I can and higher days when I want to enjoy it, and just plan accordingly. Well today the scale said 155.4 so that to me seems like a win given the past 2 weeks!

Throughout all of this I still made sure to log everything, even on the higher days. Logging can still help to contain those “bad” days.

However, I am back and focused now! With all the big celebrations over I am back on the weight loss bandwagon. I am hoping to see 150 on that scale and celebrate 50 pounds down. How great would that be? And if I can get there, maybe I could even see that 147 that was my lowest adult weight. I am ready to rededicate myself to see that weight go down and tone up a bit as well. My eating is still good with logging and weighing, but the gym hasn’t been the best.

Today I plan to go to the gym for a run since it’s still a bit chilly outside. Tomorrow I will do pilates in the morning and then I have volleyball at night. We have nothing planned for this weekend as my husband has some overtime work scheduled so eating right and drinking little should be fairly easy.

Here is to seeing something less than 155.4 on that scale for next Friday!

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Another Regular Day

Yesterday I did pretty good at my friend’s bowling birthday party. I went into the night with plenty of carbs and calories left for the day so having a rum punch and a few light beers didn’t put me over at all. Today I went for my first outdoor run of 2017. It was sunny and 40 in Chicago today after many many days of it being 30’s and grey so I thought it was the perfect time to test my cold air lungs. I did pretty good and having the extra exercise calories was pretty nice. I am enjoying a nice beer as we speak – cheers to lower carb days with some beer calories at night!

That was about the only update. I saw 154.2 on the scale this morning so I’m hopeful for Friday that I will be closer to 154 than 155 or 156 and can officially celebrate my 45 pound loss. Crazy to think I’ve lost that much weight.

My husband and I are starting to try for kids this month. It more is like, just not stopping for kids more than actively attempting, but it’s a big step for us. We aren’t 100% ready, but I guess who is? I’m hoping to keep losing until that happens (if it happens, given my hormonal issues). I will need to focus a lot on weight as weight loss has been my primary goal and this would be switching to maintenance and then gaining which is scary, but hopefully my current dedication will help me. Although I suppose I also shouldn’t put my chickens before the egg. Anyways… until that may or may not happen I’m hoping to keep losing, have fun in Vegas and go from there.

Tomorrow is volleyball so I want to do some type of toning work earlier in the day and get some minimal cardio at volleyball. Either way I need to focus on only a few drinks tomorrow night and just keep trucking.

Wish me luck – per usual!

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