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Whoa and Motivation

Well I had an extra drink last night, but won’t worry about that too much. I might have been a bit dehydrated, but actually saw 163.8 on the scale this morning. Really hoping it can stay down because how amazing would that be?

I really had to muster the energy to go for a run today since my husband and I had a bit of a lazy day and had brunch earlier, but I was able to still get in my 3 mile run so that is pretty great! I am also ending the day again at around 110 grams of carbs and great on calories. Tomorrow will be another Jillian Michaels workout, but maybe a week 2 instead of week 3 since my shoulders are still aching from yesterday!

Will check in tomorrow to ensure I do that damn workout! I am doing dinner with a friend so I will need to be careful during the day to allow myself enough carbs and calories for dinner. But my eye is for sure on that 40 pound prize!

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Quick Monday Check In

Okay, Monday start was 166.2 so I’ll take it. I did still get my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 week 3 workout in and I will be ending the night with enough calories for 2 vodka sodas at the jazz bar my husband and I are going to tonight for his birthday. I also will be ending the night with 110 grams of carbs so overall a win for today!

It’s a rainy day in Chicago today, but tomorrow is supposed to be 59 and sunny which will be perfect for a run. I still have my eyes on the prize, though I admit 1.2 pounds in essentially 4 days isn’t realistic, but I will still work hard to stay in calories, carbs and sodium as I have since August. I might just be a bit more strict on hitting each of those levels this week than I usually am, but either way I’ll consider eating right and working out this week another win.

I must say having a bi-weekly weigh in seems to be helping me stay on track. The Friday official weigh in keeps me on track during the week and overall and the Monday weigh in hold me accountable for the weekend. And today sure enough was another small tracking number to help me focus on Friday’s number.

Until next time!

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Up Late and Willing a Good Week

Well alright, it’s pretty late on Sunday night but of course I can’t fall asleep since the past 4 days I have been up until 2:30. And I figured what better time to write than now? Tonight was spent with my girlfriends decorating a friend’s apartment for Christmas. We had a great time and for the most part I was able to stay on track with snacks which I only had vegetables and hummus and a few graham crackers with vegan pumpkin dip. I had to eat a grilled chicken salad for dinner, but overall I think I did okay. I find my will power slightly gets away from me when my meal is supposed to be just snacks, though I suppose anyone else would say the same.

I didn’t go to the gym after hanging out tonight when I should have, but I wanted to see a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months. He and my husband had gotten together earlier and I wanted to at least catch up with him for a while. I’m resolving tomorrow to go to the gym or go for a run, then Jillian Michaels on Tuesday, another run/gym on Wednesday, Jillian Michaels on Thursday and finally a nice relaxing pilates DVD on Friday for a more rest day. This week will be hit hard on working out and on eating right. I really really want to see 165 on that scale come Friday.

I saw some pictures from this past weekend and even though I am at the lowest I have been in a while I sure didn’t feel like I looked it which is always rough to see. It is what it is, but ugh. Sometimes I feel like I look great, and then sometimes I need to remind myself that I am still about 20 pounds more than my lowest which can be a lot at the end. But again, I will focus this week to hopefully hit my goal and keep trucking. I need to keep losing weight, but also keep getting fit.

Hopefully the next time I check in I will be a few days deep in a better workout schedule and several days of carbs closer to 110 than 120. Wish me luck!

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Post Thanksgiving Check In

Annnnnd we’re back! I was at my parent’s house yesterday morning for Black Friday shopping and was not able to do my official weekly weigh in and picture so it got delayed one day. But today was 166.4! 1.4 pounds down from last Friday and .4 pounds down from Monday which I think is pretty good considering we had a major food eating holiday thrown in there.

My Thanksgiving was great, I got to spend it with my husband, mother-in-law, sister, great aunt and my parents. We had a TON of food, but I was able to have a protein shake and piece of fruit for breakfast which provided just enough for me to pace myself for a big dinner where I definitely left feeling full AND had a small piece of the pumpkin bundt cake I made. I didn’t work out on that day, but did work out the day before doing a Jillian Michaels workout and I am still feeling it days later! I originally planned on a run yesterday, but I was still so tired. My mom and I ended up doing some Black Friday shopping and my legs and knees were aching by the end so I imagine there was a fair amount of walking at least.

I hope to have a longer check in later, but I just wanted to say I feel pretty good at 166.4 this morning and REALLY will push myself this week to get to 165.0 or at least the low 165’s by next Friday. Fingers crossed!

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Quick-ish Check In and Motivation to Keep Going

Alright, stepped on this morning and 168.6. Well, that’s a lot more than 166 (ish) but, I knew it would be up a bit after a while from Sunday if nothing at least. I’m hoping it’ll be back down by Friday, but won’t sweat it too much. I would just feel a lot better having only 5 pounds left for December instead of 5 plus, but we’ll see where I end the month/Dec 3rd.

After this weekend I am also a bit over eating chicken for a while so today was loww sugar oatmeal for breakfast, tofu chilaquales for lunch and a “beef” seitan and broccoli for dinner with some blackberries and balsamic for dessert. I feel very refreshed by this and ready to tackle this week and Thanksgiving.

We also finalized our Thanksgiving plans. Thursday is my mother-in-law’s birthday as well so the holiday can be hard. I don’t think I ever addressed it, but my father-in-law passed away in December of 2013 and the last big holiday we all had was Thanksgiving so I’m sure she thinks about that. Originally she had hoped she would be invited to her nephew’s for the holiday, but as he did not invite her we were without plans. I’m happy to saw that we were able to convince her that my parents would be HAPPY to have her and my husband figured out a way to drive to her house and then drive her to my parents and back after dinner. The drive is about 40 minutes, so not terrible, but not easy. This way my mother-in-law can still spend time with people, but be able to leave when she wants and spend almost all day with her son. I will be staying at my parents that night so my mom and I can do some Black Friday shopping. I’m very glad that we can have all our family together for the holiday as I know they would all never come to Chicago to visit us!

Now it’s focusing on the food. The main dish will be pork, which I don’t eat so I will bring a Celebration Roast (a vegan roast with stuffing) for my husband and me. My mother will also be making smashed double baked potatoes with garlic olive oil, knowing my husband and I can eat those. I will make an apple squash casserole with Earth Balance instead of butter and then she will also have an Asian Slaw Salad we can both eat so the food for my vegetarian husband and my food intolerant self will be plentiful. I will also bring a vegan friendly pumpkin dip and pumpkin spice bundt cake. I’m hoping to go for a run on my old stomping grounds that morning – a gold course that is 3.1 miles long to ensure that I can stay within my calories enough this weekend.

Today was the gym, tomorrow will be a longer Jillian Michaels workout, Thursday hopefully the run, and Friday hopefully a 20 minute Jillian Michaels workout. I hope the overall effect of everything is still a loss, but I won’t lie. I’m nervous. It’ll be a different schedule of meals, and I need to really focus and plan. Ugh. I want to hit that 160 number, and I need to keep reminding myself that seeing that is worth it more than 1 meal. My family (and friends) know how hard I am working and they will understand. I just need to again – plan as best I can and minimize the amount of not so low carb friendly food I eat. It isn’t bad, but it doesn’t fit as well as my new life choices do. And I want to wear those smaller pants and tighter sweaters 😉

Well not sure I will have time to check in again, but fingers crossed I stay on track and keep the eyes on the prize!

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Back and a Bit Lighter

Alright, after a fun girls weekend out I stepped on the scale today and saw 166.8! Not sure that will stay because yesterday was higher carb day due to being pretty hungover and wanting Chex Mix more than a grilled chicken salad. But, otherwise I was pretty happy with my food choices for the weekend. I was able to go for a run on Friday morning, do Pilates on Saturday and still stay on track with salads in most of the restaurants.

Not too much to say otherwise, I still feel a bit off from yesterday, but hopefully will get over it, might be declining alcohol for a while as my day long hangover yesterday wasn’t so much fun, and it seems to have clung into today.  But seeing 166.8 on that scale this morning was quite the joy. 165 is right around the corner, and then the joyful 160 goal!

All the girls this weekend said they had really noticed my weight loss which was pretty great. I also noticed in pictures my face is finally starting to get thinner so that is pretty fantastic. And of course fitting into clothes is still the best part, wearing things I haven’t worn because they haven’t fit has been truly the best part.

Well, not sure this will last as much due to yesterday, but maybe the extra little spike in calories on Saturday and carbs on Sunday will help shake up my body’s reaction to the lower numbers I have been using before. Just keep swimming!

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Boo. 167.8 on Official Friday

Ugh. I was hoping my Friday official would come in a little lower than .8 from last week, but it’s still LOWER and that matters. This is just a quick check in to say I’m a bit bummed, but I was a bit weaker this week in my workouts and getting to my usual carb count was a bit harder this week. I will make sure to stay on track this weekend as best I can. Maybe go over some calories, but not carbs to shake things up a bit again. I’m hoping to go for a run this morning, pack, go shopping a bit and then head out for my fun weekend away.

Hope anyone possibly reading this has a great weekend!

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Need to Stay on Track

Alright, I have a busy few days ahead of me, and need to keep staying on track and log everything. Yesterday I went over my calories by a vodka/soda, which doesn’t bother me as I am still staying under carbs. In fact today was 167.2. Hoping that can keep going! Today I plan to go for a run in the morning then go out to lunch with my husband’s cousin, his fiancee and her sisters. They are getting married in February at the Revolution Restaurant and they have a tasting today. They asked if I wanted to come by after for lunch and drinks and meet her family. I love Revolution beers, but they are for sure not great for the waistline! I can usually have 2 and be okay though (thus the run for sure this morning).

Tonight I am also seeing Hamilton with my husband and my mother-in-law. I am SO excited to see this show and bought tickets AGES ago. We are also doing dinner at The Berghoff  beforehand. I think I can get away with a grilled chicken salad there so that will be easy, but I am a bit worried for the Revolution food since it’s a bit more hipster and hipster usually doesn’t translate well to my dietary restrictions. Oh well, might be a basic salad there too.

Totally worth it for a day if it means fitting into a size *10* pair of pants yesterday! My friend gave me a few old pairs of hers that after having a baby her hips won’t fit into anymore. I feel bad for her, but I’ll take the free clothes. 🙂 So crazy that in May I had to buy new pants for a trip out to Boston and I needed a size 14. I wore those for 3 months and then made my no turning back decision and now I’m wearing 10’s! Well, still wearing 12’s since I have more of those, but they are for sure getting roomy and not really flattering anymore. I’m hoping to fit back into some size 8 pants and dresses I had, but I think I am still about 10/15 pounds away from that if I want to go further into weight loss.

Well, just checking in with my 167.2 and staying on track, but need to keep it there. I’ve been aiming for slightly lower carbs than usual (more around the 100 range than 120). Sometimes I get right around there, and sometimes I get right at 120, either way it still is a challenge to focus on weight loss, but less of a challenge to make better choices when I see such a correlation to the scale and the way my clothes fit.

I’ll probably check in on Friday again with the official week weigh-in. We’ll see where that comes in. Obviously less than 167.2 is awesome, but even if it is that I would be happy since that would mean I am still on track to hit 160 by December 31st. Obviously hitting that earlier would be nicer, but I’ll take it!

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Okay then!

168.2. Guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought and great to see a lower number from a Friday since it tends to go up slightly on Monday lately. That and a soon to be done Jillian Michaels workout is all for today!

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Last night… whoops

Well… last night was the first time I had gone over my calories in a while. Whoops. I knew I should have worked out, but I just couldn’t get myself there. A few too many vodka sodas. Okay, 4 too many vodka sodas. Sigh. BUT the plus side – I have been on or under carbs this weekend. Thursday was 93, Friday was 103, Saturday was 112 and today was 105. So I feel like I might still be okay for tomorrow? Just going to keep staying on track and really make sure to work out and hope to see 167 on the scale on at the end of the week. I also had a great run at the gym today. Aside from my warm up and cool down I only walked for about 2 and a half minutes of the 35 minutes I was actively jogging. Huzzah! It feels good to be able to keep moving.

I have a few things still keeping me motivated over the next few weeks to get down as much as I can (as safely as I can as well – no crazy last minute crash diets or anything). This weekend I am doing a girls’ weekend with 3 of my friends and want to of course look cute that weekend, then next Wednesday my big group of high school friends are getting together. They have yet to notice any of my weight loss which is hard when you are 30 pounds down and worked hard for it. But I will keep trucking as I am not doing this for others to notice me, just could be a bonus. Although if I am being honest, I have known them for more than half my life and my weight has fluctuated so much it’s possible they didn’t really notice as I put it on and therefore wouldn’t notice when I take it off.

However, Friday night I hung out with my best friend and she kept telling me just how thin I looked. It was really nice to hear and just is nice to have your effort validated! She will also be going on the girls’ weekend trip which will be a blast. I know the other 2 girls have said that they are looking forward to drinking wine and vegging out for  a weekend. I’ll need to prep some food in advance because I do not plan to veg out and need to keep dropping some LBS! I also offered to make dinner for all of us on Friday night – Asian chicken lettuce wraps. Easy and quick to whip up, filling, low carbs, low calories AND allows more room for a glass of wine or a vodka soda or two.

I’m curious to see tomorrow’s weigh in number and if those extra vodka soda calories did anything. I’m also hoping that the 168 number wasn’t a fluke and will stay and keep going down. I feel like the week before was a small loss so Friday made sense for a bigger number, but you never know. The body is a fickle thing. Well I’ll probably check in sometime again this week, ideally as motivation to keep working out and keep toning. Wish me luck!

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