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The Ups and Downs of Being Up and Down

Well the juice cleanse is over and I weighed in Sunday at 157.2 and today at 157.4. So not too bad! I broke the 161 hump and hopefully can maintain myself past that number and keep working my way down! For the past few months I have been trying to get to 155 (in time for my 1 year 3FC anniversary) and I might actually be able to get there. I’m going to keep working out and watching my food intake to get down to that 155 I want so bad and eventually try for the 150 that feels so close.


I was talking to my mom the other day about weight as she also struggles with hers. She is my height (5’3/5’4), and when she was younger she said she was always around 140. Her lowest was right after having me at age 29 and she said she got to the low 130’s but then got pregnant with my sister. After having a hysterectomy about 15 years ago her weight has been a constant struggle and she usually hovers around 170/180. She told me at this point getting to 160 would be a blessing. She carries it well (and she and I have similar body types) so I know that’s where I get it. My sister has and I assume always will be thin. Her highest weight has been 114 (at 5’2) and she was annoyed with that. I don’t think I could be at 114 if I tried. She also doesn’t watch what she eats and doesn’t work out. How genes could be so different in our family I have no idea! I know I will never be as thin as my sister, and based on my mom I can only hope to get down to 130’s in my lifetime. But knowing my mom did it makes me think that maybe I can too. The lowest I have ever been in my adult life was 148. I’m 10 pounds away from that right now. It will be a struggle as every pound of the 19 I have lost in the last year has been but it’s worth it.


Here’s to working hard for the next month to drop 2.4 pounds and hit my recently set mini-goal for March 20th!

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Salutations! So Another week gone by, but this time I decided to switch things up. After trying to figure out why I eat right 90% of the time and still can’t lose weight I decided to try some alternative weight loss means. I have always insisted throughout my life that I will NOT ever lose weight with chemical assistance. I do not want any diet pills in my body so that was always a no. After watching movies like Hungry for Change and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (both streaming on Netflix) I decided to try a juice fast for 10 days (which may reduce down to 7 depending how annoyed I get making juice for 5 servings a day). Since I knew that I like fruits and vegetables of all kinds I figured this could be something I try for a week and see what happens. Well I bought a nice juicer which was a bit pricey, but if I can swap my everyday morning oatmeal for a good fruit/veggie juice every other morning it would be worth it. I bought a ton of produce for the 3 day trial period and away I was! I am on day 3 and have mixed reviews thus far but will continue through the weekend.



The actual juicing is quite easy as everything just gets tossed in.

As long as I juice in the evening before bed the morning is easy since it’s grab and go for everything.

Cleanup is easy as long as everything makes it to the dishwasher the night before.

The morning to lunch juices are usually pretty good. The recipes I found for a 10 day cleanse were all foods I would eat anyways, so cramming them into juice was a no-brainer.

I feel like I am getting more nutrients since all I consume are fruits and veggies.

Being at work I can time out my “meals” fairly well and my “dinner” falls right around 6/7 which is perfect.

I am encouraged to have some nuts or an avocado if I need more energy, so there is some chewing involved.

I don’t actually feel hungry or tempted to eat. The juice is filling and drinking 5 containers of 20 oz. of juice every day is actually harder to do than one would think.



The juicer I got is kind of big (Breville Juice Fountain) and needs to be cleaned more or less after every juice session. Sometimes I can go 2 rounds, but I feel like in the end the blades/mesh are just too clogged.

The afternoon and dinner juices are primarily green leafy vegetables. I drink them because I know they are a better nutritional punch, but sometimes it’s hard.

I am a bit tired and feel a little foggy. I had some almonds yesterday and an avocado with celery last night, but it just didn’t do it for me. The recipes for today’s juice were a bit light, so I might be supplementing more than I have the past 2 days.

I wish I had more bottles to store juice so I could spent the night juicing for 2 days and not do it every night. But after this is over then I will just have 5 giant bottles floating around and that takes up so much space!


So overall the pros win, and I am more interested to see how I feel over the weekend when I have done this a bit longer. I also weighed in yesterday at 161.6. I will weigh again on Sunday which is day 7 to see where I am at. I am not doing this primarily for weight loss, but more as a detox that will hopefully help with weight loss. I’m also sticking with my workout routines and doing some moderate cardio and weights. Whew, here’s to another 4-7 days on this journey.

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Gotta Stop The Ups and Downs

Well I had a bad week eating wise. Not sure how it happened but those little calories just kept on sneaking in, and I ended up pulling multiple days of 2000 calories. When I really wanted to be 700 less. If I had stuck to my original plan I might have been able to lose an extra pound instead of possibly maintaining. I’m not sure though since I haven’t stepped on the scale yet. I forgot this morning and have just been feeling crummy still.


But as always I am renewed in that Monday I was at 1700 and yesterday was at around 1300. So if I can continue the rest of the week around that mark I might be okay. I am also back at the gym on a regular basis instead of a few days of the week. I still don’t feel good, but I’ve decided to not use that as an excuse to not work out. It’s been over a month now of having a cough and stuffed nose, and I received antibiotics last week for a sinus infection. I’m just under a week into the 10 days of pills, and man, they make me want to eat everything!!! Thus, the 4 days of solid like 2000 calorie days. I need to push the wanting to eat out of my head and focus on what I am eating and making sure only the good for you foods are going on.


And on another note – I am Catholic and today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I will be giving up meat for Lent. I have only eaten fish and chicken for about 14 years, but never fully committed to going meat free. And with my dairy and egg allergies I am actually going vegan for Lent. It should be an interesting experience since I can’t have soy and therefore no meat replacement. I think this will be good though to expand my horizons and focus more on the foods I eat and the different ways to try and get nutrition in, especially protein. But I think I am up for the challenge!


Whew, I feel like every week is the same, so I’m crossing my fingers that next week’s post will have a number to report as well as not saying I did bad around the weekend and resolve to do better. Every bite needs to be “St. Pat’s Day, St. Pat’s Day, 1 year at 3FC, 1 year at 3FC.” So far today I’ve had a berry/veggie juice from Naked, and oatmeal with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of cocoa powder. I brought a frozen vegetable curry dish for lunch but it has 590 calories for just the one little container, so I will be swapping it out for veggie quinoa soup from Freshii at 300 calories instead.  This will put me at 750 calories for afternoon snack/dinner. Perfect for my 1300 calorie mark!


Hope you are all having a great day and resisting all that v-day candy! I know I have been!

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Ramblings to Send the Snack Monster Away

So I’m using this blog right now to distract myself from being hungry. Superbowl Sunday led to far too much snacking and wine, so yesterday was a relatively small calorie day (1200). But with the small days come the next day when you could probably eat everything in sight. And I want to. I want to eat it all. Including the deep dish pizza left in the lunchroom from our company wide meeting. Granted I can’t eat it anyways due to my extreme cheese intolerance, but it doesn’t change the fact that I want it. And with the end of day approaching could deal with the unfortunate consequences by the time I get home. ARGH SNACK MONSTER


Whew, what a week. I still am feeling sick with a cough and runny nose that just won’t go away. It’s getting really annoying so I have a doctor’s appointment at 10:30. I am back to working out though. Kinda. Sporadic gym use and too many excuses to not work out. 3 times a week at 35 minutes won’t be enough to push to get the body I want.


The bf and I are signed up for a 5K on March 9th for my hometown’s St. Pat’s festival – the Fleadh. Last year I did not do well at all, and felt a bit embarrassed that I had to walk so much with my somewhat active boyfriend. Also, my big turnaround point for weight loss was looking at the pictures taken during the run. I was 17 pounds heavier than I am now, and I thought I looked okay, but those pictures were not forgiving for my 5’3 frame. I’ve been doing pretty good with various runs throughout the year as workouts, and I know I need to hunker down over the next month so I can handle the 5K. I want the pictures we take this year to be great. So tonight so help me, I will be on the treadmill! There is a fair amount of flurry snow outside, so the outdoor runs won’t be happening just yet. Maybe in a few weeks. I want to do well though!


And my final ramblings as my hunger starts to shrink is to really push over the next month and stop saying “I can do really good with my eating TOMORROW. Tonight I want those extra (insert name of tasty food).” My one year 3FC anniversary is March 20th and I started my blog at 176.6. Last Wednesday I was at 160.2 – 16.4 pounds less. I really would love to say that though it was such a rough year for weight loss that clocking in an even 20 pounds come March 20th would be so awesome. This time around losing weight is SO hard. My body has resisted every pound every step of the way, but I still look and feel better than I did last year at this time when I was 178. My goal is still and forevermore 140-145 and I still feel so far from it. If I can hit the 156.6 on March 20th I am treating myself to a mani-pedi and a pair of shoes!


Hope everyone else is able to stay on plan and good luck to us all!

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