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What? I’m allergic to THAT?!

And results are in! I am not gluten intolerant as I originally thought which is great because that means I can have beer again! What is unfortunate are my top 3 allergies – egg, whey and soy. WA WAAAAAA. There goes my cheese as well as many commercially baked cakes and breads. BUT at least I know what to avoid. It’s going to be hard with my vegetarian boyfriend who basically only eats soy and egg, but we’ll make it work. I’m honestly a bit surprised because of the amount I eat these products. I mean for the past 2 years I have had a protein shake every morning that contains both soy and whey. Go figure. My doctor called with the top allergens, but apparently there are a few more. I just need to pick up the results to see the rest. She called while I was on the el which isn’t the easiest conversation to have.
With the results of this test my doctor is proposing a new experimental diet. For the next few weeks she wants me at 1,200 calories a day (obviously no soy, whey or egg) and to have a high grain and veggie diet. I am to limit my consumption of protein and focus more on veggies and not worry about carbs. I’ll keep my food journal as usual and in like 5 weeks will make another appointment and see where we stand. Mostly this is to test what type of foods I can be eating and what my body just doesn’t like. However I did feel less bloated with the GF diet, so I’m going to keep some of that going. But who knows, maybe I will be even less bloated without dairy and soy! The scale today read 169.4.
This morning instead of my morning protein shake I had gluten free oats with a little brown sugar. It was good, but will need to be eaten at home and not on the go. I thought trader joe’s had a whey free protein shake mix that I can use with almond milk, but I’ll have to check it out. Another puzzle piece in the puzzle to help me get healthy and get the fat/inches down!

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Another week, another slight gain

Well another week down, and the scale read 170.2. I know I ate a bit too much this week, and for sure drank too much over camping weekend. I’m hoping next week I’ll be back down and then can keep losing. Just need to remember that though this a lifestyle change there is a difference between losing weight and maintaining weight. I also didn’t work out at all last week and that tends to affect the water retention as well. This week has been good, with 35 minute lunch time workouts and additional runs after/before work. So hopefully that will help too.
Nothing too crazy going on this week. Went to the Sox game last night and had a blast. My work offered me 4 tickets for awesome not quite behind the plate seats. I love being able to bring food into the game so I bought a burrito bowl from Chipotle (I always leave out the cheese and sour cream so it’s actually pretty healthy) and had that instead of nachoes and churros and that all delicious stuff. They also sell gluten free beer at some stands which is AWESOME. Although a bottle was $7 so I only had one, but all the better to reduce the drinking.
We have kickball tonight so per usual I’ve already planned out my eating and drinking to adjust accordingly. 1 mojito before the game (it’s a 3 year long ritual) and then some type of dinner afterwards. This week I discovered that Native Foods has a decent amount of gluten free options and since my vegetarian boyfriend loves that he can order anything off the menu and have it be meat free it’s a win-win. I used to not feel so great after eating there, but then realized I consumed a lot of the wheat meats and that probably contributed. The bar we go to after the game for team flip-cup and general socializing lets you bring food in, so more good choices to be made! 
Here’s to a hopefuly week of good decisions and weight loss, as tiny as it may be!

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Small Losses and Camping

Well stepped on the scale on Tuesday and I was at 168.8 – while this loss is small, it’s a victory in my book! Especially since it took so long of going up and down with my weight, that a loss 2 weeks in a row (even a small one) is just such a victory! And in general I am feeling much better and have way more energy. So yay to the past 2 weeks of gluten free living.
This weekend the boy and I are going camping with our group of friends. We have been going for the past like 8 years annually and it’s a decent sized group that just keep growing. The car was all packed on Wednesday since kickball started again Thursday night and we couldn’t pack. It looks like it’s going to be AMAZING camping weather. Low 70’s all weekend and totally dry. Should be awesome. I’m not a hot weather gal, so this is perfect. I picked up some GF hamburger buns and bagels at Trader Joe’s earlier this week and also grabbed some GF veggie burgers so both of us will be able to eat the same food all weekend and save some money rather than double buy. Saturday night is usually a family style dinner, with each couple/person bringing their own main entree and bringing/creating a dish to share and then we As for drinks I have a few ciders with me (for drinking games and whatnot) and then also a bottle of potato vodka and some club soda and juice to drink for the nights.
Oh! And today is jeans day at work and since it’s cold enough here for me to actually wear jeans I jumped into them and they fit EASY. I still have a bit of a mini muffin top, BUT they are buttoned and will be able to stay buttoned all day. When I first started this blog my first mini goal was just to be able to button my pants again. It feels really great to see that even though it’s taken so long, I can not only button my pants again, but feel good getting into them and not needing to stretch them like crazy first! Woot!
Hope everyone has a fun and healthy weekend!

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GF Week 1 Down

Turns out the food allergy blood work results take 6 weeks to come back. That’s nuts. That also means I have a solid 4 weeks left before seeing if food allergies are an issue with me/my weight. Womp woooommmpp. But I decided to be proactive and try a gluten free diet. Last week I weighed in at 171.2 which I expected a bit of an increase since going to Georgia to visit my family the only food options were pretty unhealthy. But I got back on track with the eating which was good. I didn’t get to work out as much as I wanted this past week. I did an elltipical workout, cardio flex class and a run but that was all, which is bad for me. So while the scale read 169.0 this morning I didn’t happy dance since I didn’t know if that was due to gluten free or due to muscle loss. Hopefully next week will give me a better indication. I’m going back to weekly weigh-ins to help stay accountable if nothing else. It’s a slipperly slope as I realized yesterday.
I had a good day of eating, calorie counting and when work got hectic and I couldn’t do a workout during the day, I slipped at night. I had the pizza I prepared Monday night with a GF crust, soyrizo, no cheese and tons of veggies. It was delish. But I was still hungry. And really wanted chocolate. So I caved. And wish I hadn’t. In fact my regret was so bad that I purged. Something I rarely do and only in the more dire of binges. It’s a terrible thing. The last time I did it was 4 months ago when my frustration with my weight loss was just beginning. I had a “if i can’t lose when doing everything right why bother” moment. And ate a lot. Then of course I had huge regret, because thought it’s not coming off it’s also not comng on. So I purged and started again the next day, with no other incidents since. Until last night. There is just such dispair with this journey that sometimes it rears it’s ugly chocolate frosting head.
On Saturday night I went out with my friends that live in the suburbs. It was a last minute decision so I just drove from my apartment to my parent’s house. I had on a day dress from the day and didn’t have any clothes for the night out. I tried on every single piece of clothing I had left in my old closet and nothing fit. And this was stuff 2 summers ago had fit with room left over. I spent a good half hour bawling and feeling sorry for myself (you know, a good look for anyone). I finally sucked it up, ran for 30 minutes to encourage some endorphins to flow, grabbed my leggings and borrowed a top from my mother.
In the end it was okay, but if anything this incident gave me even more determination to keep trying anything I could to make this weight loss happen. That includes going gluten free for the next few months because who knows? If that doesn’t work then I’ll try and do something else. I don’t kow what, but I’ll try it. I mean at some point my body has to realize that carrying an extra 20-30 pounds isn’t good and should work with me right? It’s just finding the right combination for me. So week 1 GF down, here’s a at least 7 more in this tester phase!

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Just Waiting

Still no word on the blood tests taken for food allergies last Tuesday. I was told they might take some time to come back, so I continue to wait and hope that something that comes back will help me shed some weight and feel better in general. I had, as I am starting to have, a somewhat frustrating time with my doctor. I brought in a copy of my food journal, my exercise log and my frustrated tears. She looked over everything and commented that she was surprised to see that for a food journal I recorded everything. And I mean everything. Whiskey shots, tablespoons of barbeque sauce, that extra serving of salad dressing – it was all in there not to be overlooked. And it all was the right things to eat. My only “binge” was a 1 serving of instant potatoes. She also noticed the workouts and said it did not seem I was in a workout rut due to all the different classes and activities I do. So no surprise there.
She said that based on all my statistics (blood pressure, heart rate, etc) that I was healthy. That I was actually very healthy and I shouldn’t be beating myself up over my weight, since I am doing everything right. She also said that by constantly keeping track of what I eat, what exercise I do and what I weigh that I must be exhausted. And that’s when I started getting a bit emotional. Because if I am doing everything right why am I not losing any weight? The only weight loss came from not eating carbs for 2 weeks after MONTHS of doing “everything right.” And to still weigh around 170 at 5’4 (with a fair amount of fat on my hips, thighs, arms and stomach) is just not healthy. It’s not. Not at 26. I don’t need to be tiny, but I should at least be able to weigh what i did almost a year ago at 160. 10 pounds may not seem like much, but it sure does feel like it when your old clothes don’t fit and pictures just make you sad. The doctor said that I should be able to lose weight, and if my body is working against me, then my body might just be working against me. I don’t know which idea makes me more sad – that this is just how I am and I will never be able to lose weight even when I work so hard, or that there is something that is making my body do this and I don’t know what it is.
Sorry today is a bit of a down post, but sometimes watching your weight plateau when you haven’t even gotten anything going can be really frustrating and I just needed to vent. I appriciate anyone who is still reading as I go through each trial phase of weight loss in the hopes that something really is at work and I just don’t know it yet. I’ll update when I find out the results. If it isn’t food allergies, I’ll be in the doctor’s office again for trying to figure out what else could cause almost no weight loss and easy gains.
I hope you all are having much better luck than me!

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