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Slightly Off Balance Weekend

Well the weekend could have gone a lot worse, but it could have gone a lot better too. I was more mindful of what I should be eating, but truffle fries are just soooo delicious! But I was careful about my pasta portions on Friday and then for the bachelorette party I had a lean cuisine in the early afternoon and was fine until dinner. The problem was dinner was at 9 pm (due to a long wait) so I ended up eating more than I should from waiting too long. Luckily all the girls were in the same boat as me! But since dinner left me so full I didn’t even have the stomach for booze calories, so that helped!
Unfortunately I did not work out at all Sat-Mon so I felt a little slack with that. And working out during lunch today I could feel my body being a bit slow and un-stretched. Monday’s calories were good except for sneaking in a few cookies (I didn’t go crazy over my calorie limit, but they didn’t help after my weekend). Today was back on track and I’ll right where I should be food wise. I’m sure my weekend will have affected my weight loss for this week, but I wouldn’t call this weekend a binge weekend by ANY means. No candy bars, boxes of cookies, bags of chips, bottles of wine or bags of chocolate chips were consumed, so I really think it’s an improvement!
Yesterday I took the day off to pretty much clean my room and start to feel like a grown up again and not some college kid with clothes all over the floor and Christmas presents still in bags in my room. My roommate and I keep our common area very clean and we are super respectful of our shared space. And both of us are generally clean people. But we both tend to get a bit messy in our separate bedrooms. She tends to keep her clean close to all of the time and I’m good until my hamper explodes in my room and then it is apparently a free for all.
So yesterday was spent cleaning my room. I got rid of 3 garbage bags, 2 IKEA blue bags filled with Goodwill items and took another bag of Halloween and Christmas decor down to our storage locker. I cleaned from 7:30-5:30 and it felt good. My boyfriend now also has his own hanging organizer for the work shirts, tee shirts, socks, boxers and jeans I washed yesterday. I swear he seemed to have almost as much laundry as I did in my washer! But since I got a promotion for work (yay me!) and with Easter this weekend and the wedding season in full swing I know my room would have gone as it was for a while as it would have made me feel disorganized in life. So now I feel very back on track!
Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday and back on track if you swayed away a little this past weekend like me!
Oh and incontrol2day – thanks for the encouraging words! I wish I could respond but apparently I can’t comment on my blog. But I want you to know I appreciate it!

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