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Another Pebble Chipped Off the Rock

Today is a happy dance day. After this morning’s weigh in I am down another 2.8 pounds! I know that I should be sticking to 1-2 pounds per week and I imagine in a few more weeks it will read more like that. But since this is week 2 of trying to lose weight and eat right (which I have been doing) I think 2.8 is okay. So in total from the past 3 times I have weighed myself I am down in total 7.2 pounds! My doctor’s office weigh in a while ago was 178.8, so to be at 171.6 right now is great.
I’ve been really good with my eating this week staying in my calorie range. I went over by 200 yesterday because I decided I wanted a small vanilla frosty. It was 310 calories for a small! I took my time eating it to enjoy it, but still. I would have been just as satisfied with a small vanilla cone from McDonals and it would have been half the calories. So in the future when I need to satisfy my ice cream craving I’ll stick to a small cone.
I feel good with this weeks results though. I have been doing some form of activity (usually a lunchtime class) every day for at least half an hour. My lunch time workouts might be the thing that helps to keep me losing weight. My after work schedule was crazy this week so I wasn’t able to really get in a sold workout after or before work. Even on Wednesday when I went to my big gym with my friend, my thighs were still so shakey from my previous workouts that I could barely do anything. I just had muscle fatugue. We did 20 minutes on this combo stairmaster/elliptical machine and were so exhausted we decided to just walk on the upstairs track for another 30 minutes and chat.
Tonight I have dinner plans with my roommate and our friend at a new Italian bar/restaurant in Lincoln Park. Since we all only go out to dinner once every 2 or three months we usually go big with several appetizers, entrees and shared multiple desserts. Lately we have been trying to scale back, but it almost never works. It will be hard with pretty much pasta as my only option too. I hope that as long as I stick to one or two bites of the appetizer, half my entree and one or two bites of dessert I should be okay. Wish me luck and I wish all of you a great in-control weekend!

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The Monotony of Food

Another day watching calories and working out thus far well done. I seem to be doing well on the reduced calorie diet. I keep waiting for the usual binge to happen, but I’ve been able to control it and with each day I become more confident in my choices. I really think working out during the day helps to control my appetite and keep my endorphins up throughout the day. But I’m still not yet a full week into my new BC pill, so who knows, maybe the hunger monster will attacked next week.
My meals usually consist of 2 gummy vitamins before leaving for work. I like the gummies and the first sugar jolt is good for dealing with a super crowded el where my short self is usually crammed between 2 people. Then when I get to work it’s 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of Any Whey. Around 10:30 or 11 I have some plain Greek yogurt with apple pie spice mixed in (adds some flavor without calories). Then the workout. Post workout I have a low cal English muffin with micowaved egg whites, chive spice and melted string cheese on top. It’s a great post workout food that has a good amount of carbs and proteins. Usually I try and mix some spinach in there too. Then some type of small snack right toward the end of work and a good balanced dinner (no snacking if possible).
I have never eaten red meat and usually keep my proteins dairy free, but with Lent I gave up meat. My boyfriend is a vegetarian so doing it wasn’t as hard of a challenge as it could have been. I’ve been making and eating meat free meals for/with him for about a year. It’s been rough though not to use chicken as my lean protein and instead find something other than beans, which I abhor. So this eating schedule may change in a few weeks when Easter is over and I’m allowed to enjoy chicken and turkey again. It’s been great experimenting with so many different foods though.
I have read so many diet books that I never know what to believe. But a while ago I read Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads (I don’t remember the author, some thin blonde). And the big takeaway from that book was to keep eating throughout the day to maintain blood sugar levels and keep hunger binges at bay. Also to eat a good amount of proteins, carbs and veggies with each snack, which I try to maintain as best I can. I know some other diet books say to only eat one or the other, but I always just feel more full when they are put together.
I always feel so obsessive when counting calories and tracking everything. A lot of my friends start to get worried that I’m developing an eating disorder. Which, in fairness, I’m sure they can start that way. But until I can really lock down my portion sizes and calorie counts again it needs to happen. Someday I’ll pull away from my little excel sheet that store my calorie, fat, carbohydrate and protein levels, but for now it’s my guide and I think I use it well! Mixed in with today’s Body Fit workout (less cardio, more muscle work which continues to leaves me with very shaky thighs) I feel like I’m still on the right path.
Hope everyone out there is having an on track Tuesday!

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How do you not like a sunny weekend?

This weekend actually went pretty good. I was so exhausted from all my gym workouts throughout the week that I crashed pretty early on Friday. And when my boyfriend came to pick me up for our friend’s party (which I had already set aside calorie wise 4 vodka sodas) I asked him just to lay with me while I go through the wake up process. Well we actually fell asleep and didn’t wake up until about midnight, so I was sad to miss the party but still got to spend time with my boyfriend AND avoid the empty calories of drinking and food temptions from drinking.
Saturday was mostly spent running errands and doing minor maintenance on my car. It’s a 99 civic at 149K miles, so it’s and oldie. But since I don’t drive much and it lives with me in the city it’s holding up pretty good. I’m careful about my maintenance and everything so it still runs great and is very reliable. I also headed back to my parents’ house for the weekend. I helped my mom put together a target bistro set and ran around with my dad doing random things.
Sunday I went on a nice bike ride with my dad. A few years ago I invested in a really great bike. When I was still living at home I would go on like 20-30 mile bike rides in the forest trails in the suburbs and would really enjoy them. I want to get back into biking, but I want to get a bike hitch for my car so I can bring the bike back and forth (city/suburbs). I don’t really bike in the city, but I want to. I’m too afraid someone will steal my super nice bike so I keep it in the burbs and ride when I’m down there. My “city bike” needs some breakwork done.
Overall eating this weekend was pretty good. I didn’t go too over anything (maybe had a piece of cake last night for dinner my mom made, but she made it lighter (or as light as one can I supposed) and the frosting was the lowfat/calorie cream cheese mixed with low fat cool whip. It was pretty good. I also had a small piece of spinach stuffed pizza at my best friend’s house on Sunday, but that was really all I had had, so I don’t feel bad about it.
Today’s class was Cardio Flex and though my thighs were sore from the bike ride yesterday they are killing me now! Here’s hoping to a little less thigh jiggle in the coming weeks! Hope everyone has a great or close enough to great Monday!

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Successful Week

So Friday is my weigh day and I went down 2 pounds! I’m now at 174.4 which I think is pretty great. I’m hoping next week will have similar result since I’m dragging my butt to the gym and working hard while really watching those calories. Even turned down another piece of pizza last night. I figured I could have that pizza or have a glass of wine with my friend. The wine won, but man was that pizza good! I just adore goat cheese.

Today’s lunch hour class was Hard Body. Mostly a muscle tone based class that still manages to work up a sweat. It’s been such a long time since I’ve taken classes that this week was a good motivator. I just kept telling myself that it will get easier and this first week is the hard stuff. The get back into it and feel like you can’t do any of it. But each week I will improve and become stronger and leaner.

It’s weird to think that just last year I was working with a trainer to try and look good for the weddings I was in. I remember hating the weights and lunges but after 4 months I could easily do it and my thighs were so much leaner and smaller. My body was strong, but still thick so now with classes and calorie counts I’m hoping to go more lean this time around.

Tonight my boyfriend and I are going to a friend’s house party so I’m hoping to control my alcohol and food intake and focus on having fun and chatting with all my friends. Also hoping the rain stays away long enough to get a trail run in tomorrow and maybe even a bike ride on Sunday!

Have a great weekend all! And remember to make great choices!

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Keep on Chugging

I don’t know if people can actually read this since it doesn’t come up as a new blog or recently updated blog on the main site, but I guess I’m just going to keep updating since it at least feels good to write all this out.

Last night on my second gym trip I played volleyball with a friend. I used to play in junior high and high school but haven’t played much since. It felt great to get back into court volleyball and get my body moving in ways it hadn’t in a while. And another bonus is that my appetite seems to drop when I work out. I haven’t been so crazy hungry as I usually am. After my workout I settled on a small bowl of greek yogurt and split some popcorn with nutritional yeast over it with my boyfriend. Great little snack filled with protein and taste.

Something about this time around in weight loss seems different. The sun is shining (Chicago is having AMAZING weather for March, almost too hot) and I feel renewed by Spring/Summer like weather. I’m off to lunch today with a friend at Freshii . It’s a type of build your own salads, bowls, burritos/wraps place that can be very healthy or very not healthy but all the ingredients are super fresh and well prepared. I love when restaurants post nutrition information, more importantly individual calculation, so I can figure out my meal. If I split my quinoa/tofu bowl in half then i’ll be at about 310 calories per serving. It will be filling and last me 2 days, even better! I’ll even have calories left over for an afternoon snack before my Turbo Kick class after work.

Hope everyone (assuming this is real and out in the web world) is having a wonderful day!


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Work on Working Out

I work in an office job that keeps me sittiing down a lot and while I get up fairly frequently it’s still a desk job. Well in order to try and shape up and get motivated my co-worker and I decided to get a 5 day pass for one of the multi-branch gyms that is about a block away. It’s day 2 of the 5 day pass and day 2 of taking classes there during lunch. I actually really enjoyed the classes and the fact I can do them on lunch, shower and still get back in time is a plus. And while I love this little trial schedule for working out, I already had a gym.

The gym I go to only has one location (it’s of the fancier gyms that happened to be my college gym so I get an alumni rate) so I don’t go as much as I should. But the amenities are great, the class schedule is awesome and they have such a wide array of equipment I can constantly do something new. One of my friends is currently enrolled at the college so she gets the gym access as well. It’s great because we can have “gym dates” and catch up while working out. This week is spring break for the college so the gym is empty, but her schedule also opened up this week. So yesterday I worked out at lunch at the trial gym with my coworker and after work at my gym with my friend. I am doing the same thing tonight.

I’m not normally one of those people who goes extreme with their dieting/working out. I don’t get the idea and go all or nothing, but it sure does seem that way right now. So I’m hoping when the socialization factor comes down a bit and I’m left on my own I’m just as motivated to go to the gym twice in one day (or let’s be honest once a day). My boyfriend has been taking classes to pass the PE exam so he is busy Mondays and Wednesdays which is good to dedicate to working out or hanging out with friends. And in a few weeks kickball will be starting up again. Yes, I play adult kickball. It’s great and while not a workout at all, it’s a great way to meet people and just hang out outside. It’s actually how I met my boyfriend.

Anyways, my ramblings now pretty much amount to hoping that while right now is crazy and jam packed gym time, I hope that this is a good motivator to stay with it and remember to go more. That this time is the extra boast to get my body used to working out again and reminding myself that classes don’t have to be scary and exhausting. Well they are exhausting, but in a good way. So here’s to sore muscles this week!

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Hello world!

And here I am! So I’ve never blogged before and have come to this site on the occasion to keep me motived (or try to get me motivated more often than not). And like most who come here I’m hoping to stay motived and share my journey which I expect will have the ups and downs, but knowing I’m checking in somewhere even if no one reads this will be good to keep in the back of my mind.
Well I’m 26 and live in Chicago. Like so many I grew up on the more plump side and always had those nagging self confidence issues. I remember specifically being so proud to be 162 my freshman year of highschool. I had joined the volleyball and the constant conditioning helped me drop some weight. I didn’t know what I weighed before, but either way I’m guessing since I bought a new pair of pants at 162 it was a bit more. Anyways I mostly stayed at that weight (dropping to 150 during a tough teenage angsty junior year) and then gained the summer before college.
I went into college at 175 and the freshmen 15’s older brother the freshmen 25 kicked my butt. I also broke my ankle that year so it didn’t help. Either way I was large and in charge at 200 and for my 5’3 frame it wasn’t great. All those chubby kid feelings stirred throughout and around the end of the year I started going to the gym for the first time in my life. And started running. Now mind you I hated (and still kid of do) running. In volleyball it was punishment, and I still see it as such. But alas, I lost 40 pounds and felt great at 160 in the late fall of my sophomore year.
After college I was back in the 170 range and decided to go on birth control. Somehow the first reaction to it was loss of appetite and nausea (I wish that was still the case!). Well from that I lost 10 pounds in like a month and then the weight just seemed to drop off. On my 23rd birthday I was 148, a low for me, and I felt so great buying a size 8 for the first time. About a year later my perscription changed and I went on a new pill that gave me a CRAZY appetite and I gained about 15 pounds back in like 4 months. And that weight stayed on. And grew ever so slightly since.
I was in a few weddings a year ago and tried to slim down for them, but ended up fad dieting for so long I got frustrated, gave up and gained like 5 pounds back in 2 weeks (right before the weddings of course). And here I am, a year after that at 176.6 as of 2 weeks ago. I have been terrible at going to the gym and decided to eat whatever I wanted. Well I’m not surprised to see my weight back up, nor surprised to see my size 8 jeans will no longer button. So that’s my first mini goal – button my jeans! I also am hoping to tone a bit as I go since my boyfriend and I have 5 weddings to attend this wedding season beginning next month. So it’s time to focus and try and shrink as much as my body will let me as healthy as I can.
So if you were able to read that whole thing please help me on my journey. I’m gonna eat and workout like a skinny chick and fake it until I make it!

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