Super tiny blog!

So i just got back from the doctors and she thinks i only dislocated my toe. hallelujah!! i have to go in for x-rays to see if thats really the case! i hope it is so i can start working out  sweet!!

whoa there!

Its been what? 4 days since I’ve blogged. I’m impressed too!! well i started getting my motivation back a few days ago. My aunt (I’m staying with her to help with the kids, since my uncle deployed) decided that she wanted to go back to jazzercise, which is awesome! she loves it there! I volunteered […]


See! there i go again, not writing forever then coming back! I did have some personal issues and a mini meltdown, but i’m back. I must say that my little meltdown has set me back a lot. I have no more of that can-do attitude and i don’t know how i to get out of […]