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My life fell apart a while ago. The people I trusted proved untrustworthy. My husband betrayed me by cheating and become emotionally abusive and when the issues came to the surface instead, when it came time to put the cards on the table and try to sort out the problems by talking about them, he began to make threats of violence, instead. My family never understood when I asked them to leave things alone, believing they were helping us sort things out by being open and full in disclosure. My husband felt he was toughening me up and that because he never meant for me to see his actions, they weren’t so bad. My family thought they were protecting me. They didn’t believe I could handle things without help. I ended up losing pretty much everything I thought I had. Both sides seem to think that my weight is an indication of my inability to do anything right. It rather complicates the issue of weight loss for me, of course.

I think there are entirely too many people in my life these days, and none who seem to understand my words, so I’m not going to be sharing so much so publicly anymore. Maybe once in a while. Comments are welcome, though. Ill try to moderate when I can.


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Just a note. My blog doesn’t seem to show up on the list of frequently updated blogs and I’m not sure why. Perhaps one of my settings is wrong. I’ve been reading and commenting on other blogs, though! 🙂