Light Reflections

Non-Solar Flare Up

I flared up yesterday, yes all good and fiery but it was not good. I simply don’t remember that kind of outburst and for that long. Scared me. Is this hormones? I don’t know. What do we release with all this fat that is leaving us? Calgon…. Weighed in at 137 yesterday. It was actually […]

Just Do It

This is the post, in part, to explain why I chose this theme for my blog. Years ago in the movie What Women Want, there was a scene where they played the ad the characters had been working on. It’s still one of the most powerful I have seen to date. It’s a Nike ad […]

Green Smoothie

This is a green smoothie made with the Ideal Protein Vanilla Pudding Packet and about 2 cups of raw spinach. Blend together with water and add a little sweetener of your choice and a smidge of salt for balance. It comes out in this lovely color. It tastes like a diet smoothie. I don’t know […]


An NSV is a Non Scale Victory. Weight loss cannot be measured in losing weight only. These are other things to consider when losing weight. If you watch the scale every day there are going to be days when you don’t like what you see. If you don’t like what you see for too long, […]


I noticed early on that many set mini-goals. There is the main weight loss goal. But, I find that setting the mini-goals along the way really help. My mini-goals were: 150 lbs – because I got close to that weight last summer. The lowest I had seen in years was 151 144 lbs – because […]


Warning…this post may be a little graphic. One of the side effects of a diet without a lot of fiber can sometimes be reduced or unpleasant or challenging bathroom time. And unfortunately in this area I have no great advice. Yes, we are consuming a lot of vegetables but we are not consuming much fiber […]

Whew…new decade. Hello 130’s!

Wow…that was tough. I was almost ready to give in. Well, not really but I was starting to become concerned. With my height, 5 feet. Yes, 5 feet, no more no less I had grown accustomed to lower weight loss averages and I was okay with it. Basically, I lost a pound every 2 -5 […]

60 combined pounds in 60 days

I need to share that I am not on this IP journey alone. And that together with my mate, we have lost over 60 pounds since starting this diet just over 60 days ago. It’s a little astonishing but I do remember how excited I was when we dropped the first 25 pounds. I was […]