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Getting ready for the future

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the future. Eventually, I will be off this diet and on my own. Eventually, this will become a lifetime process. When we first committed to this diet, we gave it 100 days. As that day is approaching it is time to think about the future. The plan was always to see how far we could get in 100 days but to go beyond until we felt we got to a stopping point. We have an initial goal and then a long term goal and we just weren’t sure if we want to be on that diet that long. But, that’s okay. The initial goal puts us in a good place. Actually where we are at now is a really good place.

So, it’s time to think about the future. Next month I start to phase off IP. What that means is that over the period of a few weeks I will be reducing the number of packets I eat and replacing it with real food to get my pancreas going again. Yes, the little guy has been resting for the last few months but eventually he needs to wake up and start working again.

And so I have been doing a lot of research, a lot of learning. I am finding interesting videos and books and diets. No, I am not planning on another diet. I am just looking for ideas on how to eat and recipe books for suggestions. I obviously can’t go back to the way I ate before and enough time has passed so I don’t think (or hope) I won’t but I want to have enough fail safes in place.

As well, I feel that now is the time to work on re-training myself. This diet is so structured that you honestly don’t have to do much thinking on your own but in order to be successful after it I do feel you need to have some kind of plan in place because those carbs will quickly start poofing you out,.

So, to knowledge and education. Self-education.


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