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Vascillating…Yo-Yo Emotions

The emotions are tough on this diet. And they don’t seem to get better as time passes. Wait, they do get better but every now and then those tougher emotional times will hit. Apparently, this diet releases like hormones or something and I have this theory that if you were already hormonally challenged, you are going to have a tough time of it. It’s not an all day everyday kind of thing. But, you might find youself feeling unbalanced or uneven or unusually sensitive and then you get frustrated more and then you get frustrated with yourself because you are frustrated and it becomes this weird mental cycle of emotional roller coasting. Talk about yo-yo ing

Here’s an example. You wake up feeling great. You try on a smaller clothes, they fit. All is well. Birds are chirping. By lunch you are like if I have to shove another vegetable down my throat. By dinner you find find yourself hungry and irritable and after dinner you are full and resting and really enjoying your snack. Then tomorrow it is the opposite. Headachy or just not feeling great upon awaking. Great energy and mood all day. You don’t even care if the scale is not moving. And so it goes. Just when you think you hit your stride and are finding meals you like and are fine with your sizes and your energy is awesome and you are doing this, bam all of a sudden you get emotional for apparently no reason. And you know it but you can’t stop it.

The good news is that the emotional weirdness seems to be worse early on in the diet but it gets better. The bad news is that it seems to return but with much less frequency and for a much shorter duration.

I guess this is all just part of the process…onward.

P.S. Wrote this a couple days ago. I wonder if it was before my Non-Solar Flare Up.

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