Light Reflections

smaller sizes

I got into a 6 this weekend and that kinda freaked me out but I am okay with it. It used to freak me out more but I am okay with it now. I still have trouble in stores determining my size. I still can’t look at something knowing it will fit. As well, since […]

Stats – 3.27.12

Okay, so far on this diet of almost 90 days, I have lost 27 pounds and around 30 inches I am a medium in tops, which is growing more comfortable. Some are still snug. I am just starting to wear size 8 jeans. AND I was able to zip up size 6 jeans over the weekend. Onward…

Getting ready for the future

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the future. Eventually, I will be off this diet and on my own. Eventually, this will become a lifetime process. When we first committed to this diet, we gave it 100 days. As that day is approaching it is time to think about the future. The plan was always […]

Combined 80 pounds

in 84 days. Wow… and wow. As of today, DH and I are down a total of 80 pounds since we started this diet. Wow!

Song – Halfway Gone

The song title says it all. Just heard this song and started cracking up. It’s Halfway Gone by Lifehouse. “Cause I’m halfway gone and I’m on my way…” Down 23 lbs. Halfway there. Okay, I still sing this song and should have posted this last week but I forgot so as of today, 3.20.12 I […]

Around IP in 80 days

So, DH and I are now down 75 pounds. Technically it is only day 79 for me but I will count it. Weighing in today at 135. wow…yes, seriously…wow!

6…naw, not really

But one day. I got into a size 6 jeans and actually zipped them up. I did not make myself wear them all day though. The fit was not particularly flattering. There’s fitted and then there’s fitted. One is flattering the other simply looks improper but still I zipped them up. I am still a […]


Weighing in today at 136. I don’t know why this excites me so much but I really like this number. It’s just a good looking number. It could be because I love 36. Just love it. Makes me smile so 136 is a happy time. It could also be that it means that I am […]

Song – Stronger

I sometimes think in song and so it has been fun to find songs that to me work really well for this weight loss journey. Lately, it has been Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. This really should be the anthem for weight loss. It would actually be great as an exercise video but to me I […]

Vascillating…Yo-Yo Emotions

The emotions are tough on this diet. And they don’t seem to get better as time passes. Wait, they do get better but every now and then those tougher emotional times will hit. Apparently, this diet releases like hormones or something and I have this theory that if you were already hormonally challenged, you are going to have a […]