Light Reflections


Today I am unofficially 140 pounds. Big yayyyyyy!

This is the interesting phase of the diet. Just when I start to get disinterested or bored or wonder how long I can do this, something interesting happens. Last week it was trying on and getting into mediums. That really blew me away. I even tried on this small shirt dress and you know those are unforgiving but I could actually button it up and without too much puckering. I was shocked. I had seen this “little” dress hanging at the store but I passed it up and through WTH, let me try it on and sure enough it fit.

I gave myself 100 days for this diet and I am past 50 days, maybe approaching 60 days and so far so good. This is not an easy diet but it is not hard diet.

My gift for 140…coming soon. I need to learn how to upload and post pictures here. Yayyy Me!!!

Gift for getting down to 140 lbs

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