Light Reflections

IP Pudding Parfaits

These are pudding parfaits using IP Strawberry pudding and IP Blueberry pudding. I sweetened the strawberry pudding with orange stevia and I flavored the blueberry pudding with vanilla stevia. The other day I made a pudding parfait with IP Strawberry pudding and IP Chocolate pudding.


Today I am unofficially 140 pounds. Big yayyyyyy! This is the interesting phase of the diet. Just when I start to get disinterested or bored or wonder how long I can do this, something interesting happens. Last week it was trying on and getting into mediums. That really blew me away. I even tried on […]


Looks like I am officially a medium. I still don’t believe it which is probably why I have to write about it. Proof, you know. I thought I was heading to medium shortly fitting into large’s after I started this diet but I did not believe it since it has been so long. I can’t […]

Sizes and emotions

One of the things I have paid attention to the most since starting this diet is emotion. This diet does something with emotions cause of hormones and what not. The first 5 weeks or so were very, very challenging. I felt like I turned the corner after about week 5 or so and this last […]

Light reflections

The other day the light did that funny thing where you can see all kind of colors in it as it falls upon your steering wheel. Stuck in traffic I was mesmerized by it but did remember to take my foot off the break peddle and move ahead. That’s kind of what this diet is […]

Hello lighter world!

OnĀ DecemberĀ 30, 2011, I started the Ideal Protein diet weighing 160 lbs. As of today, February 18, 2012, I weigh 142 lbs. Yayyy!