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Closer than I think! November 6, 2013

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So my mom passed on this Joel Osteen book to me about fulfilling my dreams and reaching my goals. While I am not “into Jesus” at all, and I find the God references a tad overwheming, I respect what he is saying and am now on a new quest to merge this new thought process into all aspects of my life.

When I first came back on here to blog, my natural instinct was to start telling you about all of the negativity in my world and set-backs I experienced. But I realized there is no need for that. I am on a quest for spirituality and inner peace! Everything I desire will come to me if I believe it and continue to move FORWARD. Dwelling on the past will not propell me any closer to my dreams…

Ahhhh…relaxing breath of fresh air.

I am excited to once again be a part ot this community and share my jouney. So come along again for this ride and let’s be open to what the universe has in store for us!