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Kudos to me! June 20, 2013

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So I have adopted a rule of no deprivation. That can lead to trouble, but today I am proud. I wanted pizza (my vice) and I GOT one! I ordered a small pie with 10 hotwings. I only ate two slices (the equivalent of one regular size slice or less even). The wing dings were TINY! I ate 5, but not because I was counting but becasue I was DONE. So I killed my craving by eating what I wanted and not over-doing it. Now…if I can manage to dump this Pepsi, I’ll be in the money! I have a hard time wasting, so that’s not realistic. I only drank 1/4 the can. Maybe I’ll let it get warm and nasty…then I’ll have no prob dumping it out.

So, I am happy. More than half-way through a crappy day at work and though I craved “bad” foods as a method of sopothing, I didn’t go overboard.

Yay me!

(now, I just have to be sure not to skip my workout this evening)