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It’s working already! April 19, 2013

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Since I started applying my “SALVE” I have been feeling much better. It’s amazing how a shift in thinking can affect you…and so quickly! It may be a placebo type thing, but I think I LOOK better too…or maybe it’s because I am not judging myself and criticizing every aspect of my body when i look in the mirror. I am okay with what I see. I do have goals in mind, sure. But I am HERE. I am alive. I am beautiful…and my cute lovehandles will be sourly missed when they are gone 🙂

So far this week:

I was able to say no to Pizza at the office on Tuesday (I had been randomly binging on it for the past several weeks). I figured I owe my body a break!

Passed on going out to Chinese last night even though the boy was on my nerves and all I wanted was to stuff my face (I don’t trust myself yet to order healty menu options). I did have a few bites of my daughter’s leftover honey chicken and fried rice when they got home. But I am okay with that because the way I was feeling, I was tempted to order a platter of General Tso’s for myself! The tatse was good for my palette, but it didn’t fee “right”. Progress!

Meanwhile, I have been eating mostly fruits and veggies and my body is thanking me. I’ve started to exercise again, but THAT is super hard because my energy level is still quite low.

I am proud of myself though. I went spinning out if control for a moment there. I think it was too much for me and too soon (focusing so much on diet and exercise). Now, my gears have shifted. I am focusing on managing my stressors in positive ways and learning not to dwell on the negative.

To be continued…


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  1. tawanda Says:

    Right on and good on you. I love the + shift in the thinking. I share that SALVE style most of the time. However after reading your post I realized that I have been slipping. Thank you for helping me to see that. No more “spinning out of control.”

    The Chinese place we go to has a greenbean and shrimp dish that I just love. Green beans and shrimp. So healthy right. I tried to make it at home and could not get the texture right. Asked the server how they cook them. Dunk them in the DEEP FRYER for a few seconds before they go into the wok!!!!! Grrrr LOL figures

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