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Out of [Bleep]in’ control! February 6, 2013

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Egg rolls. Lo Mein. General Tso’s…

Wontons. White rice. FRIED rice!

Who’s your daddy?!

Okay, so yes I have completely lost my grip (as if I ever had it in the first place).

I started looking for a new place to live and have been feeling rather down about the move. So how else am I supposed to lift my spirits? Wait, did somebody say spirits? I can certainly go for a vodka & cranberry right now! Maybe I will wait til Friday…actually, I WILL wait til Friday. I’m going to need a drink then, I’m sure.  Fridays will be tough for me for a while. It’s the day of the week when all hell broke loose in our household. It will be hard to forget because the boy is off on Fridays, and I get home earlier…and can stay up late. Makes for a long night…

I’ll be okay. Sooner or later. At least I’m not crying, right?

I thought I wanted this. I DO, dammit!  Do I not want it badly enough? I thought I did…

Sheesh! I gotta get it together! I don’t want to keep coming on here confessing my failure. I want to be a motivator, not a downer! Not someone people look at and say, “at least I’m not doing as bad as she is.”


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  1. didibuttonsley Says:

    You’ll get through. It won’t always be so shitty. Hang in there.


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