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Hanging in there January 23, 2013

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Okay, 6 days in and no pizza for me. Yay!  (Only six days? REALLY? Seems like it’s been far longer).

I will be working pizza back into my life later. Now is not the time as I have not yet mastered portion control. I have to remind myself this is temporary.  It will take time. Trust me, I hate the idea of deprivation but soon I will be eating whatever I want. I simply have to train my body to want what it needs and to not overindulge in crap that it doesn’t. Easy, right?

I’ve been doing all right thus far. I got up to 1400 calories yesterday, but that’s okay. None of them came from junk food (I suppose that’s a small fib with the Cool Whip, oops). Exercise has become part of my day but I can’t say I’ve gotten my rhythm yet. I try to do A.M. Tae Bo (55 mins) for cardio and I whipped out my Slim in 6 DVD for P.M. strengthening/toning (level 1, 25 mins). Energy level definitely needs work. I’m trying though.

Cravings are kicking my butt. I need to find solid ways to fight them. I’ve tried drinking water, chewing gum, and good old hand to hand combat. It’s damn hard!  Gotta remember it’s mind over matter and stay focused on the LONG term. “What do you WANT? You’re not going to get it if you don’t push through.”

Speaking of long term, I find myself obsessing in the mirror. I need to quit this as it’s a constant reminder of how far I have to go. I want instant results and it’s just not going to happen. I didn’t gain 40+ lbs in a week, and I’m not going to lose it that fast either. I know this. It’s a simple truth. Why is it so hard to accept?


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