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Yard work January 19, 2013

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So I took some advice to go out and do something small.

My intent was to get up the residual leaves from out front which have been bugging me for quite some time. I accomplished that mission all too quickly and decided to do the entire pine cone & vine crusted lawn! Great, right? Fresh air. Moving my body.

Then he* came home…from the gym no less (this guy is trying to lose 60 lbs, but continues to bring JUNK food into the house).

All was fine until I opened my big mouth and asked for a hand (I was at peace working alone, but I could really use some help). He said okay. Changed his clothes and came out to assist. By then I had about 20 small piles which needed to be bagged. So when he asked me what I wanted him to do, I said to bag the piles. He suggested he hold the bags while I load them and I reluctantly complied. Then, midway through the first bag he says, “Why don’t we just put in all in the trash cans?”

Does anybody actually do that? Maybe. Personally, I think it’s rude to the garbage collectors…and besides there’s an ordinance in our township that all leaves and shrubbery must be bagged. When I tell him this, he insists it will take too long and he’ll have no part in it. So without argument, I continue doing things MY way and he goes back into the house.

I scanned the yard, absorbing the mess I’d created and felt absolutely defeated. But nonetheless, I was determined to get the job done with or without his help.

Bagging was a tiresome and annoying task. I was plowing through until the sun started to set and it got colder out.  Very soon, I was unable to see, so I chose to call it quits. FAIL!

A sudden urge to order a pizza came over me. Nothing like grease and cheese to fix hurt feelings and defeat, right? WRONG!

Reminding myself I am only on day 2 and I can’t cave this soon, I went back into the house, showered, and prepared a proper meal: Red beans, brown rice, and kale w/ a side of awesome sauce!

At this moment, I feel very proud of myself for fighting temptation. It won’t be long before the next round, so I need to mentally gear up. Game ON!

*HE is my roommate aka my daughter’s father (short story). Needless to say, our so-called relationship needs major work.


Dangerously bored

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It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in the house on the computer. I want to go out and DO things, but my energy level is still quite low. I worked out when I got up [late] this morning, so that’s a plus. But the next thing you know, it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I am marinating on the couch!

I’d like to be on a nice winter hike somewhere…or painting in an art class…or better yet, fine dining at a good ole American buffet!