Checking in

July 29th, 2009

Sheesh, it’s been three weeks since I’ve written. I have to make this a priority! Things are going OK. I weighed in at TOPS last night at 250.3 lbs. That is a little over 10 lbs weight loss since I started 7 weeks ago. Yes, it should be more, but it could be worse.


The problem of course is my eating out. We ate out last week three times. And not anything I can brag about. Ohhhhh no!! We had calzones at Fernando’s, lunch at Zaxby’s, and dinner at Five Guys. The fact that I still pulled off .08 lbs is a miracle. We have also discovered a love for Starbucks light Frappuccino, which are not bad calorie wise, but still not a good thing to overly indulge in every single day.


So, last night we discussed that I’ve got to stop all the eating out, which is funny considering tonight we are going out with Joe’s doctor and his wife to dinner at a very nice restaurant that is not going to have one thing calorie smart on the menu. However, I did say that I would have one free meal a week, so this will be OK. I just can’t go crazy this Sunday at the anniversary party I’m attending. I can do it!!


Exercise is going very well. I had to take off over a week on the treadmill due to my stupid groin pull, but have slowly started adding it back in this week with no bad affects. I’ve logged in over a 100 miles in the last three weeks and am really proud of that fact. My body is starting to show the positive effects of working out and I’m loving it!


This love affair I have with eating is so crazy when I so desperately want to be thin and fit. I long for the day that I can wear cute clothes and feel sexy and pretty. I so want Joe proud of me. Oh, I know he is proud of me and thinks I’m beautiful, but that isn’t the point. I need to do this for him and for myself. I deserve it and I want it!


So in closing, I will stay focused and have a good week. I will not let food or poor choices control my actions. I will make a plan of attack and do it!

2 Responses to “Checking in”

  1. sakurasky Says:

    I think a lot of us get really impatient with the scale, that’s natural. But as long as we’re going in the right direction, that’s all that counts.

    You definitely should update your blog more often. I just say that because A) I love reading blogs, and B) I’ve noticed I stay on track a little better when I write down my thoughts.

  2. pita09 Says:

    Thanks for replying sakurasky. I am going work harder at blogging as I agree that it will help me stay focused.

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