Still hanging in there

July 9th, 2009

I guess I should update this Blog thingy since I said I would stay committed to actually using it. I didn’t write after my TOPS meeting on June 30th because I was so mad that I had a one-pound gain. It was a bogus pound because it was right back off the next morning, but of course the damage was done and red ink is now in my weight book. Whatever!! I’ve moved past that hurdle and this week when I did my weigh-in, I was down 1.8 lbs.


I’ve taken to weighing myself on my scales every morning after using the potty and before putting on clothes. I’m entering the weight into my Fitday program. Since joining TOPS my scales has been almost dead on consistent with the TOPS scales. However, this week when I left for TOPS I really believed I was going to show at least a 3 lb loss, but their scale only should the 1.8. I know, I know I cannot obsess over a couple of pounds! It’s just that I want this weight off and I want those numbers to go down. FAST!!!!


I’ve been doing so well at the gym that I manage to pull the heck out of my hamstring. So, I took today off in hopes that it will heal itself so I can get back to the gym. Last week I recorded 23.5 miles of treadmill and elliptical cardio. I wanted to hit 25 miles this week but the hamstring pull as shown me the errors of my over-zealous ways and I will calm down and stop hurting myself. Plus, it’s not fun to be lectured by my sweet Joe every freaking day. *smiles*


My eating has been really great. I’ve so embraced healthy eating and have been amazed at how often I crave healthy food. We did go to Ben & Jerry’s on Tuesday night after TOPS. Joe said that I could have a treat on the days that I lose at TOPS and I choose ice cream. Granted B & J wasn’t the wisest choice I could have made for a treat. The sundae of two different types of super yummy ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and lots of chopped walnuts was incredibly high in calories. Not to mention the sugar rush was pretty intense, and we both felt like crap yesterday because of it. My weight was actually down the next morning but this was because I had exercised like crazy Tuesday morning and had practically starved all day for the meeting. The ice cream was my dinner, so while I went over my daily calories I didn’t pay the price for it.


I know that to be successful with this lifestyle change I have to be realistic that there are going to be times I will over-indulge in things that are completely void of nutrition. However, a one shot extravagance into calorie over-load is not an excuse to blow the day. But I really do want to keep those extravagances down to the minimum so I need to think of better treats than ice cream. Hmm?


Now onto other news: Yesterday, I went to April and she cut all my hair off. I mean it’s freaking short, short, short!!! Hangs in a layer bob right to the bottom of my chin. I’ve never had my hair this short and it’s still freaking me out a little. Joe says that it looks really cute and that I look younger. I’m all for that of course. I do like it and I know that once my face slims down some more I will like it even more. I did it for when I start work at Starbucks. This way I won’t have to pull it back and can keep it looking neat and cute.


I’ll write again soon. Hopefully with lower weight and a new job to talk about. *Grins*

2 Responses to “Still hanging in there”

  1. beerab Says:

    Meh we all get a gain now and then- but as long as the numbers are lower overall it’s fine.

    I would stay away from treating yourself with food though- treat yourself with stuff. I went to the store yesterday and treated myself with a few new shirts because last week I went from 216 to 213 🙂

  2. sunnydaze Says:

    Great job on the weight loss but I agree to treat yourself to something other than food. But make it something for yourself – not the house or family. Something like new clothes, nail polish or perfume, a purse, shoes…

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