The First Week

June 24th, 2009

I’m calling it the first week because I’m going to go by my weigh-in schedule at TOPS. So, last night I went to the meeting and weighed in. I’m very happy to report that I lost 3.5 lbs, which puts me at 257.1.


I was one of the top winners (they have two winners per meeting) and I wore a sparkly tiara and had a lovely song sung to me. I was so happy to have done so well. Of course, I had worked my butt off this last week. I kept my calories right at 1500 every day and did 6 days of cardio (at least an hour). We didn’t eat out one time and neither of us missed that because of how terrific I’m cooking lately.


Last weeks menu consisted of spinach and cheese stuffed chicken, stuffed peppers, Buffalo chicken wraps, and steak and salad. I love coming up with new ideas and finding new recipes. This week, I’m making pizza meatloaf and lemon-basil chicken as the new items to add to my ever-growing cookbook of low calorie, healthy, and tasty dishes.


I’m thinking about starting a section in my Blog for recipes. Maybe others like me are searching for new things to cook and I know I can provide some great recipes. At least Joe and I think they are great. LOL.


In other news, it is hot as blazes here! I hardly want to go out and do anything. We went to Kroger’s this morning for fresh veggies and to Starbucks for an iced coffee. I saw Melissa there, who will be my boss just as soon as she puts me on the schedule. Looks like I will be working at Bux sometime in the middle of July. I’m very excited and even more determine to drop as many pounds as possible.

2 Responses to “The First Week”

  1. beerab Says:

    WTG girl! I still haven’t joined because I’m hesistant- I found a group that I can go see since it’s Thursday nights at 7 pm, but in the TOPS online video I felt so many members were a lot older than I am (26) and maybe I’m crazy but I’d feel like they’d be like who is this kid….

  2. pooh63 Says:

    All right Pita! You go, girl : ) It sounds like you are on a roll. I’m glad you are finding lots of recipes you like. It sure helps to not get bored eating the same old things over & over. I have to make myself take time to fix things that are healthy, & look and taste great. It seems like a lot of trouble when it’s just for me, ya know? But that is the WRONG way to think. We are worth the time and effort it takes to cook great food that helps us lose weight.
    Have you ever tried the Hungry Girl site? She has a lot of good recipes, especially remakes of popular restaurant food and comfort foods. The WW site has alot of good ones and so does Dotti’s weight loss zone. I think posting your great finds would be a good idea. I’d love to hear your reviews! Keep up the good work!


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