Joined TOPS…..again

June 16th, 2009

Tonight I joined TOPS because I know that having the accountability of a weekly weigh-in and the support from other people is vital to my success. The group is large, outgoing, and very welcoming. They have a digital scale, which is much nicer than those other types. My first weigh-in was…….260.6 lbs. DISGUSTING!!!! Of course telling Joe the horrendously huge number was awful and he was shocked, but of course so supportive and encouraging that I will get the weight off. And I WILL!!!

So, I think I will like this group. They meet on Tuesday nights with a long weigh-in time due to the amount of members (over 50) and then an hour meeting. They started a new contest tonight that I plan on winning, and I brought home a little stuffed cat (they have this basket full of stuffed animals with different instructions attached) with a tag that said I’m to stay below 1500 calories a week. That will be hard since I seem to be manging between 1600 and 1700 a day. But, I plan on working really hard at it because I want my next weigh to be fabulous!

I had a good day with my eating. Made my pita pizza and realized that the Italian sausage needs to be cut way back in mine to keep the calories and fat grams in check. I had a great workout this morning doing an hour and 15 minutes on the elliptical and treadmill. Joe got out his free weights for me and I plan to start working on my arms and upper body.

I feel really great and optimistic.

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