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lets start at the beginning

I have been fat forever. I have never been a “normal” weight, I was always chubby as a child, who grew into a tubbier teenager and an even bigger twenty-something. The time has come, I am determined NOT to spend my 30s fat and uncomfortable.

I could spend months examining the whys and blaming other people for my weight, yes I have some issues with food which you can trace back to the original source, but there isnt much point hashing over all that now. I am the one who put the food in my mouth, and its time I became accountable for that.

I wish I could go back to my ten year old self and whisper in her ear. Dont let food become an issue, it wont replace your loneliness, it isnt your friend. I think if I didnt develop such a secretive relationship with “bad” food at this age I would have grown into a normal sized teenager. Hindsight and all that!!

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By piggin
On July 30, 2012
At 11:22 am
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