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lets start at the beginning

I have been fat forever. I have never been a “normal” weight, I was always chubby as a child, who grew into a tubbier teenager and an even bigger twenty-something. The time has come, I am determined NOT to spend my 30s fat and uncomfortable.

I could spend months examining the whys and blaming other people for my weight, yes I have some issues with food which you can trace back to the original source, but there isnt much point hashing over all that now. I am the one who put the food in my mouth, and its time I became accountable for that.

I wish I could go back to my ten year old self and whisper in her ear. Dont let food become an issue, it wont replace your loneliness, it isnt your friend. I think if I didnt develop such a secretive relationship with “bad” food at this age I would have grown into a normal sized teenager. Hindsight and all that!!

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By piggin
On July 30, 2012
At 11:22 am
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rvascreenwriter Says:

Determination is what you need, more than anything else. You need to get angry about it, or it’s just not going to change. It took me getting angry with myself to lose the first seventeen pounds, but that was what I needed. You can do it!

devnet Says:

Sounds pretty much exactly like me. I hope you’re able to meet your goals, and welcome!


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