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So this week starts week 4.  Technically I should be in my second week of workouts 3/4, but I elected to continue on with workouts 1/2 for an additional week.

Today was workout 3 and OMG!!!  That was a crazy workout and I was sweating buckets.  There were a few moves that I could not get into or had serious trouble.  I’m terribly inflexible which hindered me with this workout.  I’ll have to incorporate more stretching somehow.

My weight has not gone down, but I am seeing other positive results with muscle development.  So, I’m not too worried.  Also, I had a few too many high calorie days last week.  I didn’t go over my basal calorie, but for losing weight I went over my daily allotment.  So, I’m working to do better with my eating habits this week.

Tomorrow is workout 4.  I’m going to work in an outside walk tomorrow.  I did that today too, but I’m going to walk farther.


March 20th, 2012 at 5:32 pm