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Yesterday I did not get my workout in.  I had some “pamper me” time at the hairdresser.  The fun continued on with a pedicure.

So, today its back to business.  I did the workout 2 today.  I figured that these muscles won’t get worked again until tuesday so I got it done.  I also did some cardio on the treadmill to burn some more calories.

So yesterday I didn’t have any food with me at work.  The food I bought had a bit of sodium and as a result my weight was up a little this morning.  It’s important for those trying to lose weight to realize your choices and how it can affect your outcome.  It’s mainly impossible to gain overnight so you have to look at what you’ve eaten to qualify such a change.  Do not freak out over it, but do look inward and own up to it.  I know yesterday’s meal plan was not ideal and the results reflect today.

Now, what you choose to do with the change is either sink deeper into the hole or strive to get back on track.  I CHOOSE TO STRIVE TO GET BACK ON TRACK.

I wanted my cloud pancake today, but because of yesterday it is not in the cards.  Here is where check and balance comes into play.  If you mess up one day you need to make adjustments the following days.  So, for me today and tomorrow will be lower carb, lower sodium and lower fat foods.  Balance!

March 17th, 2012 at 10:34 am